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Sunday, April 29, 2012

2013 U.S. News Rankings

I know the fact that this year's U.S. News rankings are out is old news, but I saw the stats the other day and I thought that I'd post them, since we usually post about the U.S. News Rankings every year. (Last year's post about the rankings is here. See the comments for the stats.) It's interesting to note that this is AMSL's first US News rankings with Florida bar passage stats instead of Michigan bar passage stats. How do the rankings compare with last year's? About the same: there's a marginal improvement in lawyer-judge assessment, 75% GPA, and employment rate; and a marginal decline in 25% GPA, 25% LSAT, student/faculty ratio, and bar passage rate.

Peer assessment: 1.2
Lawyer/judge assessement: 1.6
25-75%GPA: 2.79-3.48
25-75%LSAT: 146-153
Acceptance rate: 54%
Student/faculty ratio: 19.3
Employed 9 months after graduation: 65.5%
School bar passage rate: 65.4% (Overall: 78% in FL)

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