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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Gyrene Burger

I've been alerted in the comments to another Naples News article about Gyrene Burger. The article has new details about the venture:
The new fast-food concept will offer two types of burgers, with no substitutions: The classic with ketchup, mustard and pickle and the deluxe with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Each will cost about $6. Both burgers will have double Angus beef patties, plus cheese and bacon.
One of their latest ideas is to put the delivery drivers on scooters to ensure they don't speed. The scooters will be rugged-looking to match Gyrene Burger's military theme. Deliveries will only be made 1.5 miles from the store and drivers will carry only one order at a time.
I like this line:
Monaghan's protege, Adrian Martinez, who will be the manager of the first store, said the concept is constantly evolving. "No good idea is dismissed," he said.
Finally, a small revealing glimpse into what makes Tom Monaghan tick:
As word has spread about his new venture, Monaghan said some have questioned him about whether it will work, especially with only two choices on the menu. "We'll make it work," he said, adding that an accountant once told him he couldn't make any money in the pizza delivery business.
Good luck with the business! Our Florida readers will have to give us a full review when the store opens on December 12.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Ave Maria Law Alumni Board Elections

The Ave Maria Law Alumni Board Elections have started. Here's an open thread for discussion on the candidates, etc.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Marine Corps Birthday and Gyrene Burger

The Ave Herald has a report of the Marine Corps Birthday party organized at Ave Maria University. Gyrene Burgers were served, and they were a hit!

An interesting excerpt from the article:
[Monaghan] has two stores planned to open in the next few months in Naples, and hopes to build a franchise business. At first, he said, he will offer franchises "exclusively to former Marine Corps officers and Ave Maria University graduates." "The venture is to provide funds for Ave Maria University," Mr. Monaghan said, "And I hope it is as successful as the pizza business was for me."
So we've got a birthday party for the Marines held on Ave Maria's campus, at a yearly ball to raise scholarship funds for Marine veterans to attend Ave Maria, with a menu served by Gyrene Burger, which is styled and named after the Marines and which shares the same name as Ave Maria's school name and mascot (which in turn is a mascot that looks like that of the Marines), and which are going to be created at franchises operated only by Marines or Ave Maria graduates (at least at first), in order to fund Ave Maria. I used to be sad about this identity crisis, but now I'm just completely amused. There is an underlying common denominator here, but I'll let you guess what (or better yet, who) that is.

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