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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advice For The Next Jackson Labs - Ave Maria Forum

I watched the entire video of the recent Jackson Labs - Ave Maria forum. I was disappointed with Prof. Waldstein's responses - but I was even more disappointed with the questions posed by the Jackson Labs opponents to Prof. Waldstein and the Barron Collier and Jackson Labs representatives. I'll say more later, but first here is my advice for future participants at Jackson Labs townhall meetings:

1. Print out and bring copies of this Jackson Labs marketing flier, this 2010 conference overview and this conference schedule, this 2007 conference schedule, this 2006 conference schedule, and this 2008 course on how to culture and manipulate human embryo stem cells.

2. Ask the Jackson Labs representative whether Jackson Labs currently markets services and resources specifically for human embryo stem cell (HESC) research and conducts workshops, courses, and demonstrations on HESC research. If the Jackson Labs representative obfuscates, show him the copies of the marketing flier and conference schedules. He will have to answer "yes."

3. Then ask the Ave Maria or Catholic supporter of Jackson Labs whether marketing and providing services and resources specifically for HESC research is moral or immoral, and whether conducting HESC research workshops is moral or immoral. He will have to answer "immoral" to both.

4. Finally, ask the Ave Maria/Catholic Jackson Labs supporter whether it is moral to invite or to support an organization which is currently acting immorally by marketing and providing resources specifically for HESC research and by conducting HESC workshops. Then wait for your answer.