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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


VOTE TOMORROW in the alumni board election.  If you didn't pay attention, it appears that there was a concerted effort to advance new alumni. 

However, at least vote for Suzy (Housey) Seigle for president.  She deserves it after the efforts and relentless help she has provided to advance alumni communication and job assistance.  So, because the ballot must be postmarked no later than tomorrow, mark her name and put it in the mail tomorrow. 

I don't know anything about the other candidates, so I won't comment, but I do know and have seen tangibles fruit from Suzy's efforts over the years as a demonstrated resource for alumni.

Did anyone else notice that the school is now sending its promotional drivel in "discreet packaging" looking like a brown paper bag with which to hide the contents?

At least, whatever that latest thing was that pretended, by force of words, to be from a still first class law school, I almost through it away thinking it was junk mail.  Ten years.  I'll make a chart to show you how bad those last five years have been to what was arguably a tier 1 school for the first five year.  Objective facts are objective.  The school is now ranked dead last (at least by analysis of the US News ranking stats, without embellishment or selective cherry picking, but on the numbers reported there) in a state with no top 50 law school for competition and it can't even compete with Barry.  They should turn it into a correspondence school already, since that's all the academic standards seem to indicate they want.

GOOD NEWS (but not for Ave)
Those who pretend with force that the move didn't cause damage to the school ought to look at this interesting piece about erstwhile AMSL prof, Bridgette Carr.  Good for her!  Too bad the law school can't, in my opinion based on observation of it, support things like that anymore down there in the swamps (rather, it looks to me, from their own materials sent in brown paper bags, like it has to borrow the good will of early alumni to pretend like it has high profile now).

OTHER NEWS (Shirvell)
Seems that the AG's office went through the hoops and released him from service.

Meanwhile, back at the discreet campus for aspiring important people, they had a family fun festival.  Good for them, Bacchus would be pleased, errr...  Dionysus at least.  Visit Ave Herald for more banal puff pieces that would make a schizophrenic jealous for its sheer capacity to avoid substantial issues.  Keep in mind that it seems to be a neighborhood association newsletter, in my humble opinions, though.  But, hey, it's all good news, right?  After all, if the King has no clothes, let's talk about the clean streets.  Funny how the law school pieces seem to be talking about everything else, too.