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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, October 01, 2010

More Bad News

Story in Today's Naples News

The Ave Herald is rumored to be on the case.

FUMARE is here to help. The internet can assist here. Why drive around and hang out in a parking lot like some degenerate, when you can be degenerate in the privacy of the home temporarily lent to you? 
Click the photo for assistance:

UPDATE!: A FUMARE agent has located a reliable, but not necessarily trustworthy source, who reports that he overheard a guy who overheard a gal overhear a telephone conversation between the keeper of the Post-It notes and the Town council that the council should consider a town-wide dress code banning women's pants and making it a misdemeanor for a woman to show the back of her knees in public. Apparently, at least one of the town lawyers was overheard stating that he was a victim of visual harassment caused by the exposed knees and the activity witnessed was merely a natural, uncontrollable response caused by the lack of appropriate attire. This update is all speculative hearsay based on parody, but we'll report more as time moves on.