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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Men Like Women

A note came to my inbox the other day that references this article. This is a reflection of that larger piece. (No pun intended!)

Men like women. Men like women's curves. Men like it when women dress in a way that highlights those curves. Case in point:

Men have an especial cross--thanks to Adam--that places them in need of grace to control what Aquinas calls "the desire to preserve the race in existence." Yet it strikes this writer that one doesn't have to deny nature, Manichaean-like, to accomplish the fact. Likewise, the eroding of common sense in actually suggesting that a man should in any way tell a woman how to dress is an even more grievous violation of nature in that it is one of those things that cries to heaven for vengeance (or in the alternative, demands a good kick in the nuts). [I will say here that this is not the place for a debate on the proverbial homeschooling mom uniform or--on the oppposite side--the meretricious adornments of South Beach.]

The so-called orthodox Catholic would have us believe that a woman should dress like this:

Hey pal, never had a thing for nuns. Usually the guys who suggest such fashions are unmarrried middle-aged men who are members of TFP with names like F. Thurston Howell, III. Alternatively, they are dreaming millionaires who look to create a utopia on earth in the midst of a tomato patch.

Personally, I like it when Mrs. Militaris shows her curves. I can tell where to give her a pat when I want to thank her for doing a good job washing the dishes.