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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ask Ludmilla: Modesty, Covering the head, and other topics

Recently, a discussion of modest attire was posted by Advocatus Miltaris.  This thread generated some comments that cause Ludmilla to nearly choke me because of the insanity and backwards logic therein.  In order to preserve my own life, I am posting, at gunpoint, Ludmilla's insisted explanations.

----  begin content from Ludmilla -----

Halo, and thank you for reading the FUMARE.  I am Ludmilla and I wish to tell you how women are to be modest like we know form old country.  But first I must tell you about this comment that men must cover there heads with dignified hat.  Ludmilla do not know anything of this because Ludmilla read real Holy Bible which say, in first of epistle to Corinthians, the chapter 9 and the verse 10:  <<The woman is commanded to cover her head in the church,to indicate that she is under the dominion of the man; whereas the man uncovers his head, because there is no one over him but God .>>

Comment say thing backwards.  Man do not wear the hat, woman do.  Enough with hat.

Young women need to fetch man.  In old country, we teach them to dress to catch good man.
Like this:

Look at beautiful curves of these women. They will be married soon because men will come running to meet them. Same with these:

Very nice.

Even in Church, we cover head, but look how beautiful:
And look at Ludmilla family at the Divine Liturgy:

Here is another friend of Ludmilla:
When you get old like Ludmilla, then you dress like this all the time because you can sit easy.  Ludmilla is on left with computer.

Instead, you dress you young women like old widow, and your old women try to dress like yound girl looking for husband.

It is backwards.  Modesty do not mean to be frumpy and old like Ludmilla.  Ludmilla is ashamed of people who say this.