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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ave Maria University Regent Supports Jackson Labs

AveWatch has the scoop.

Yet another person from Ave Maria is supporting Jackson Labs, so add him to the list. Ave Maria University Regent Carlos Figueroa, a resident of Ave Maria Town, spoke out in support of JAX at the July 27 County Commissioner meeting and published a letter of support in the Naples Daily News. Figueroa is also the 2006 recipient of AMU's Ex Corde Ecclesiae Medal, awarded to a person from the South Florida community who has done the most to support AMU's Aquinas Center mission to evangelize the Catholic academic world. He is also the founder of The Apostles Foundation, an organization for promulgating the Catholic faith through the study of theology.

Figueroa's Naples News letter concludes with "I can't think of a better legacy for future generations than a research center that will provide quality jobs, foster education and maybe find a cure for the many ailments of our "baby boomer" generation." Figueroa makes no mention of JAX's association with human embryonic stem cell research (something which the Venice Diocese expressed concerns about five days earlier).

Figueroa is a man who has committed himself to, and been honored for, evangelization and promulgation of the Catholic faith, and yet he completely ignores the Catholic moral concerns about JAX? Is it cluelessness, naivete, or willful ignorance? Regardless of the answer, I call it.... disappointing.