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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yes, Monaghan's Entities Also Support The Jackson Labs Plan

I'm having a simply bizarre debate in the comment thread in this post, about whether Monaghan supports the proposed Ave Maria Town Jackson Labs facility. In the thread, commenter "also anonymous" alerts me to this fascinating site entitled "Supporters of JAX-Florida." It is Jackson Labs's own list of all those entities who are giving "enthusiastic support" for the proposed Ave Maria facility.

Who's on the Jackson Labs supporter list?

1. Shamrock Bank of Florida. Tom Monaghan is a Shamrock bank founder and, of course, he is one of the bank's directors. (The Chairman of the Board is Paul Roney, who is the CFO of Ave Maria University. Great! Let's add Roney to the list of highly-placed Ave Maria officials who support the Jackson Labs plan, like Healy, Orsi, and Milhizer.)

2. Ave Maria Utility Company. Yes, they're connected to Monaghan too!

This is fun! Is there any other organization or individual on the Jackson Labs list who is connected with Monaghan and/or any other Ave Maria entity?

UPDATE: Commenter "also anonymous" notes that the Economic Development Council of Collier County has a list of people supporting the Jackson Labs project. On this list are Jason D. Vogel, Project Manager for the Ave Maria Utility Company and Donald J. York, President/Chief Executive Officer of Shamrock Bank of Florida.

Commenter "an observer" notes that the law firm Garlick, Hilfiker & Swift, LLP is on the Jackson Labs list. Thomas B. Garlick, Managing Partner of the firm, is one of the members of Ave Maria School of Law's Board of Governors, and he has signed his name to the Collier County list.

I was looking through the Board of Regents of AMU and discovered that Regent Don J. Gunther serves as an advisor to Northern Trust Bank, which is also on the Jackson Labs list. (Admittedly, an advisor is a lesser position in the organization, and it is Northern Trust's President, John D. Fumagalli, not Gunther, who signed his name to the Collier County list.)

Another AMU Regent, Alan D. Reynolds, is the Chairman and CEO of Wilson Miller. Wilson Miller is on the Jackson Labs list, and Reynolds is personally on the Collier County list of supporters.

The Eastern Collier Chamber of Commerce is a supporter of Jackson Labs in Ave Maria. Guess who is on their Board of Directors? Our old pal, Nicholas Healy, President of Ave Maria University.

Ave Maria Town has an "alliance" with Pulte Homes to build all the houses in Ave Maria Town. Sure enough, Pulte Homes is a Jackson Labs supporter.