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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bottom Line on Jackson Sale is No Different from any other Ave Calculus

I am also astounded at the effort Thales and others put into entertaining the discussions surrounding Ave and certain other things that I take for granted.  I'm too lazy for that.  I can't read all that blathering and all those big words.  In fact, anymore, when it comes to all things Ave and Moneyman, I only give opinions.  Opinions are, after all fungible and protected by the First Amendment (for now).

Jackson Labs, in my opinion, is part of the larger eugenics crowd formed circa Rockefeller's funding of such endeavors early in the 20th century.  It is and always has had connections to that influence, again, in my opinion.  People who want facts, and not my opinion should go read, as I admittedly don't do.

Monaghan has, again in my opinion, constantly flirted with Bush republicans and a money structure in the United States that couldn't care less about the actual teachings of the Catholic faith, but rather was willing to throw out a pro-life bone in order to get votes and earn some pop interest.   Look at Brownback and Monaghan's money towards him, including the (my opinion again) misuse of my email address given to some appendage of Brownback's campaign, when I never gave it for that purpose, ultimately resulting in a ton of spam from some money-grubbing spammers using the moniker "GOPUSA" and similar names.  Brownback spewed all kinds of Catholic and prolife rhetoric when it looked like support, and seemed to drop it when the winds changed.

Like all things Monaghan, in my opinion, it's only as Catholic as money allows and circumstances permit.

Bailouts from the crowd Monaghan plays in always require a payback, or a compromise.  In the case of AMU and cash bailouts, it appears to be getting in bed with eugenics and selling land.

To me and my simple unreading mind, the persistent study of embryonic stem cells has had little medical benefit.  On the other hand, ADULT stem cells have had medical benefit.  But somehow there is a lot of cash in the embryonic stem cells, despite having no real practical profits on medical uses.  From where does it earn its money then?  Apparently on empty promises and secondary benefits, which, coincidentally, and in my opinion, makes it just like the ave maria ventures..

The secondary benefits must be in some benefits to eugenics movement, and hence the Rockefeller money behind it.  Unlike, Monaghan, however, Jackson labs isn't hiding the ball.
I expect it to have all of the cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics to make it sell in public perception as morally permissible, and that's exactly what we've gotten.

The bottom line is the same:  Uncle Tom needs cash and Jackson Labs has it.  Tom doesn't care what Jackson does, but rather he cares about the image it creates.  He's going to do it though, because he needs cash and image.  The sad part in all of this is that it appears that NCBC and Dr. Haas are no different.

now, before all the yard dogs come over to try and pee on my post, let me just say that I am obviously insane to post my opinions without any facts, and I must think the sky is falling and, yes, I have a low opinion of Monaghan and think he's a faker.  I do wish him well, but not at fraud and fake images and false moralism.  But this is all my opinion, which you don't have to read, and frankly, you shouldn't.  Just ignore this because I only wrote it so I'd remember what I thought about it a week from now.