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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

For the Illiterates who post in the comments

quod erat demonstrandum, from the comments themselves, that a number of visitors to FUMARE are illiterate.  They may be able to sound noise of letters they observe, but seem unable to comprehend what they read.

For me, I don't read.  I like books with pictures and drawings, and I watch TV, like Hogan's Heroes reruns and documentaries about the secret international nazi base camp in Argentina, which recently blackmailed the financial banks, who in turn conned the TARP bill. 

Fortunately, for all of us, there's Good News, Everyone!  If you wanted to read Professor Rice's speech at Christendom College this year, but couldn't get past all the big words and sentence constructions, they've released the video (four parts, and the timing of the parts is perfect for intermission time where you can refill your drink, get a sandwich, or all of the other things needed to be done)
pt 1:

pt 2:

pt 3:

pt 4:

I don't expect any intelligent comments, save for those coming from my fellow Hogan's Heroes fans.

UPDATE:  I forgot to include some mandatory Monaghan bashing in order to fulfill my duties as a shill for the academic terrorists.   Kind of hard to compare Monaghan to any of this... as that would be like trying to find a place for a moron on MIT faculty.   Monaghan isn't smart enough to realize that when he kicked this guy out, he stated that the Ratio was no longer welcome at Ave.  I doubt they even know who Czisek is down there anymore.