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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Bishops' Real Agenda

Chris Manion has a powerful piece in this week's issue of The Wanderer. Here's a portion:

For almost 100 years — especially since Archbishop Joseph Bernardin planted the USCC's flag firmly on the left 40 years ago — our bishops have advocated a wide range of liberal social welfare initiatives. They have also strongly opposed abortion. So what's the score in 2010? Abortion is still legal, but the liberal social welfare agenda has prospered — and so has the USCCB. Catholic "social justice" bureaucracies flourish, from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to the huge USCCB headquarters in Washington. The bishops' anointed experts have developed strong ties with the Washington left, on and off Capitol Hill, and those ties have paid off.

Today the Church receives two billion dollars a year from the government for Catholic Charities, tens of millions more for Catholic universities and hospitals, and tens of millions a year more for the USCCB itself.

With that scorecard, would the average Washington politician draw the conclusion that the life issues — especially abortion — are the bishops' first priority?

Politicians might not be saints, but they're not dumb. Politicians also understand the law. So they notice when bishops refuse to implement Canon Law (and Canon 915 is mandatory, not optional) in the case of even the most flagrant Catholic pro-abortion scandalmongers. Politicians draw the logical conclusion. And politicians are also well aware that, as Cardinal McCarrick judiciously put it a few years back, Catholic bishops do not want to “alienate” important pro-abortion Catholics on Capitol Hill because "[taxpayer] money is needed for Catholic hospitals, charities, and education."

Read the the whole piece here. Strong medicine for the Successors of the Apostles.