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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two New Members of the AMSL Board of Governors

Ave Maria School of Law issued a press release yesterday about two people joining the school's Board of Governors. Maybe they will be two people who have much knowledge and experience in Catholic legal education, two people who will be committed to raising the school out of Tier 4 and who will act in the best interests of the law school. Is that too much to ask for?
Ave Maria School of Law (AMSL) announced today that retired businessman James William Fennessey of Naples, and real estate executive Michel Saadeh, also of Naples, have been elected to the Law School's Board of Governors. .......

Mr. Fennessey retired from a successful career as a businessman in 2005. He is very active in the Naples community and is a member of Legatus .... Mr. Fennessey and his wife, Moira, are active volunteers and supporters of the Law School. In February, the Law School honored the Fennessey family with the naming of the Marian Garden at the Vineyards Law School Campus for Mr. Fennessey's niece, Lisa. .......

Mr. Saadeh has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vineyards Development Corporation since January 1994. Ave Maria School of Law resides within the Vineyards community in North Naples, and the Vineyards frequently hosts AMSL meetings and events.
Hhmmm, two Naples businessmen with personal connections to the Vineyards. I wonder if they know the Vineyards is only a temporary location and that the law school will soon be moving to Ave Maria University's campus. (After all, that is the reason the law school moved from Michigan in the first place, right?)
AMSL also announced that board member and Dean Emeritus Bernard Dobranski has left the board due to term limits, and that Leonard Leo has stepped down from the Board after distinguished service. These changes took effect at the April 28 meeting of the Law School's board of governors in Naples.
I thought that Dean Dobranski was exempt from term limits like Mr. Monaghan, due to his position as Dean Emeritus, but I guess I was mistaken.
Dean Emeritus Dobranski will continue to serve AMSL as a member of the Law School's faculty. He was also unanimously appointed to the AMSL Advisory Board, a prestigious group of former AMSL board of governor members who continue to provide counsel and advice to the board after their service.
I wonder who else is on the AMSL Advisory Board. Anyone know?