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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, April 02, 2010

O Most Terrible and Glorious Day!

"At the Incarnation Jesus became like us in all things except sin; but at the time of the Passion, He became sin. -- He took on our sins and that was why He was rejected by the Father. I think that this was the greatest of all the sufferings that He had to endure and the thing He dreaded most in the agony in the Garden. Those words of His on the Cross were the expression of the depth of His loneliness and Passion -- that even His own Father didn’t claim Him as His Son. That, despite all His suffering and anguish, His Father did not claim Him as His beloved Son, as He did at the Baptism by St. John the Baptist and at the Transfiguration. You ask 'Why?' Because God cannot accept sin and Jesus had taken on sin -- He had become sin."

--Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta's instructions to the M.C. Sisters, April 1, 1981.

Walk with the Lord during His Passion today. Let the Grace reserved for you be poured out in full measure. Let us turn our past denials and betrayals of Him into repentant fervor to bear OUR cross, a cross that has been precisely weighed and measured for our earthly journey. It is not an ounce too heavy, nor an inch too large for us to carry when Christ is at our side.