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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Recent Attacks of Pope to Weaken Berlusconi's Friends

Whatever else you have heard about people hating the Pope, and it's an attack on the Pope by the Catholic haters, I'd like to present a bit more specific and much simpler reason why suddenly, nearly from out of nowhere, new attacks on the Pope are being made in the media right now.

The ex-construction worker and the golfer and the corned beef eater won't tell you that the NATO crowd is stirring a violet color revolution in Italy.  Last year's NATO-UK-US attempt to stage a color revolution coup in Iraq failed.  That left energy corridors at peril.  It also put a new need to push in the middle east.

Italy has taken a new central role in the distribution of energy in the EU.  It is also central to the geography of the NATO-buffer created from Bosnia up into Lithuania through all the countries in between.  Recently, Berlusconi has made several deals with Russia to secure natural gas supplies.  That's one problem in NATO's eyes.

There is more, however.  Italy is also one of the so-called "PIGS" countries comprised of Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain.  Recently, many attempts were made to completely topple Greece through bonds on the cusp of several years of its currency being destabilized.  It appears that, for now, the bond attacks have failed.  However, Greece was to be the first domino in the string of European countries to be forced into failure.  After all, if the Euro could be forced into collapse, the US Dollar would be in good shape.  Not that anyone thinks it would be intentional.  Of course, such talk if for conspiracies, otherwise the U.S. might order the hedge funds to save their records to stop spoliation of any evidence of an attack.   Surely, those above board hedge funds would comply totally.

The Greece issue is still unclear.  Plan B is warming up:  Punish Italy back into NATO full control.  Good little countries don't make deals with third parties for energy.  Pope Benedict is a strong supporter of Berlusconi, at least in as far as Berlusconi seems, even to me, to be a reasonable leader.  The Pope would be a significant political obstacle to a coup, too.  But that is more easily taken care of if everyone thinks he does something wrong.

Not saying it conclusively, but it makes more sense than people just picking stuff out of the sky randomly.