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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Should AMSOL Class Sizes Be Smaller?

After a hiatus, the "Whose AMSOL?" blog is up and running with a post arguing that in order for Ave Maria School of Law to be true to its Catholic mission, it needs to have smaller class sizes.

I agree with the post. It has never made sense to me why the class size has grown so large (now 209 students). I've been told that the bigger class is necessary because of tuition revenues.... but this doesn't make any sense, even when considering it from a purely economic standpoint. With a bigger class comes poorer US News scores which affects the long-term reputation and success of the school, which then affects the ability of the school to raise donations. Why doom AMSOL to the bottom of the 4th Tier forever for a little bit of money now, instead of getting AMSOL to a higher tier where there would be increased financial support and more money?

Moreover, why does AMSOL need tuition revenues at all? Wasn't the primary reason for the Florida move a revenue source that would ensure AMSOL's financial stability in perpetuity? And Tom Monaghan seems to have plenty of money to burn, considering the fact that he has no qualms with wasting more than a million dollars on meritless litigation.