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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Wanderer Unmasks Monaghan, Ave Maria

Read Part 1 of Marielena's article here.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Girl with Half a Brain Lives a Normal Life

I don't know why, but when I read this headline, I thought of Advocatus Militaris and imagined that he would have an insightful editorial comment.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Home Buying Today

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Just In Case Something Happens On Your Summer Trip

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a RACIST (And So Too Is Obama)

Henry "your momma" Gates, Jr.


In a national press conference Barak Obama called Sgt. James Crowley "stupid" for arresting Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for disorderly conduct in an incident where the Harvard victimologist agressively played the race card against a police officer who was dutifully protecting Gates home.

The reality is that had Sgt. Crowley (an exemplary officer as evidenced from years of positive evaluations) been a black officer instead of white, this situation would never have occured.

Read the police report and you will see that Crowley refused to comply with the officer's requests from the first moment. "No I will not," in response to the officer's request to step outside; "Why because I'm a black man in America" in response to the officer telling Gates why he was there. Immediately Gates, picked up the phone to call the Chief of Police and accuse the officer of racism, stating over and again, "you have no idea who you are messing with" and at one point saying to the officer, "your momma."

So what happened here?

Gates is a professional racists of the politically correct variety and has been peddling in Black Victimology for his whole career. All he knows how to do is play the race card to get what he wants. He just over played his hand and the officer called him on it.

However, it didn't stop there.

Obama was asked about the incident. He said three things:

1. That Gates is a personal friend and so he might be biased.

2. He doesn't know all the facts of what happened.

At this point he should have said, "This is an issue for local law enforcement and the courts and because it involves a personal friend, I'm not going to make a comment on this incident."

But instead, he gave a biased and incomplete statement of the facts, passed judgement on the situation by calling the officer "stupid", then talked about racial profiling as if it were a plague in America.

This is dangerous racism in the highest office in our country - no objective look at the facts, but a rush to judgement based on elite political connections and the presumption of racist until proven innocent.

As this develops, if Gates isn't recognized as the person in the wrong here, then it is open season for reverse racism in America.

(By the way, in our home the word "stupid" is not permitted for use by our children. My wife would like to have a word with Obama about the appropriate use of vocabulary in our home.)

UPDATE: The Boston Globe has scrubbed its posting of the police report because it is simply too embarassing to Gates and to Obama.

The reality is that because of Gates actions, he will probably get a special honor from Harvard and his budget and income will now likely increase by a factor of 10.

UPDATE 2: PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS (and that He has a sense of humor): It turns out that the officer accused of being racist by Gates is the department's expert on racial profiling, having been hand picked by the former Commissioner who is black. The police officer has taught a class on racial profiling to cadets for the past 5 years - that is how NOT to racially profile! I guess Gates didn't know who he was "messing with."

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Real First LADY

No... not that one.

I don't see U.S. first lady as a fashion star, or for that matter, do I think she has much positive public presence. She seems irritated and angry most of the time.

On the other hand, I've sort of developed a bit of a mini-crush on Russian first lady Svetlana Medvedeva. She's married, I know, but there's a lot to admire in this woman *ahem* lady. She's pro-life, pro-family, anti-abortion, pretty, and publicly religious -- promoting the roles of tradition and culture. In a few paragraphs of a recent news article, you get the snapshot:

Week Against Abortions

In addition to promoting strong families in the Russian tradition, Medvedeva said, today’s holiday is intended to teach young people about the importance of marriage and children and to oppose abortion. Indeed, when asked about the specific measures this holiday involved, she pointed to plans for a “Week against Abortions” beginning tomorrow.

Traditional Family

Many people, the Russian first lady said, now talk about “the collapse of the traditional family” as some kind of “natural” trend. But she argued that one should oppose that trend with all the resources available. On the one hand, she said, when women enjoy equal rights, “the importance of the family is only growing.”

State Power Cannot Force People to Change -- Fight the Negative Forces

And on the other, “even if it is not so simple to stop negative tendencies, this does not mean that one should do nothing,” a task that requires the combined efforts of state and church because “the efforts of the state alone are insufficient. No one can force people to change if they themselves do not want to.

Undoing Marxist Communism By Reinvigorating Tradition

In order to achieve that end, Medvedeva said, the role of Russian traditions is critical. Many of the country’s current problems are the result of “the break with traditions which took place in the last century. And what is a tradition? This is the living experience of previous generations, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.”

And about that Socialism thing... here's a different spin:

and don't miss Cow Invasion Petrifies Russian Town: Roving Bovines Prove Udderly Unruly

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Obama Needs to Read "Caritas in Veritate"

Real Clear Politics has a video posted of Obama on the Today Show being asked about placing a sur-tax on the rich to pay for universal socialized health care. The clip has a revealing exchange:

Today asks if the sur-tax is basically "punishing the rich." Obama responds: "If I can afford to do a little bit more so that a whole bunch of families out there have security when I already have security, that's part of being a community."

Mr. Obama what you are doing undermines community, breaks down solidarity and destroys the essential and necessary basis for forming community - the principle of gratuitousness.

See from Caritas in Veritate:

When both the logic of the market and the logic of the State come to an agreement that each will continue to exercise a monopoly over its respective area of influence, in the long term much is lost: solidarity in relations between citizens, participation and adherence, actions of gratuitousness, all of which stand in contrast with giving in order to acquire (the logic of exchange) and giving through duty (the logic of public obligation, imposed by State law). In order to defeat underdevelopment, action is required not only on improving exchange-based transactions and implanting public welfare structures, but above all on gradually increasing openness, in a world context, to forms of economic activity marked by quotas of gratuitousness and communion. The exclusively binary model of market-plus-State is corrosive of society, while economic forms based on solidarity, which find their natural home in civil society without being restricted to it, build up society. The market of gratuitousness does not exist, and attitudes of gratuitousness cannot be established by law. Yet both the market and politics need individuals who are open to reciprocal gift. (para 39)

You can't create community by State imposed sanctions, and being part of a "community" that imposes this form of public obligation on the wealthy, is clear evidence that a "community" no longer exists.

Obama's statement reflects either his cynicism or simply wide-eyed ivory tower neo-Marxism, but what it doesn't reflect is an understanding of what it means to be a human being and its corollary, what it means to be part of a human community.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports!

This is interesting. Good references, if not actual cites, to a textbook and a L.Rev. article on sports law. Are professional sports leagues single entities competing against other leagues and forms of entertainment, or are the teams individual entities to whom and among whom anti-trust law applies? I've always thought the former. Also, I believe one of Judge Bork's contributions to anti-trust law was the notion that courts should take a broader view as to just who a business entities' competitors are. That's a Bork class I'd accept a Monaghan scholarship to attend. Provided the stipend was high enough. And it wasn't taught in Florida.

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Monday, July 20, 2009


Folks need to get their facts straight. The blogs are what do everything bad. FUMARE, in particular, has single-handedly destroyed whole institutions.

FUMARE didn't like Fr. Fessio, and we put the administrative hit on him. Monaghan, in his pesky pride, is just trying to take credit for it by craftily blaming the University Chairman.

You've heard it before, nothing bad happens without being caused by FUMARE. This time, it was the AMU board that claims to have gotten rid of Fessio. Last time, Monaghan did it himself. It doesn't matter to FUMARE who did the dirty work, as long as the contracts get done.

American Papist got it wrong (and they should know better because it is part of the destructive force of bloging). AveWatch got it wrong, too -- and we all know that AveWatch is the secret base camp of academic terrorism.

Well, FUMARE is tired of all the PR that shifts blame onto meaningless factors like Monaghan or Boards, or management, and is taking it on the chin for the team! We are team players!!!

Even two years ago, the seeds of this great lie were planted, when Whispers in the Loggia reported that a meeting between Fessio and Monaghan resulted in Fessio being fired.

There's no telling how much money AMU had to pay Fessio to blame them instead of FUMARE, but it's surely part of the settlement between them.

All these crooked blogs are craftily shifting blame onto Monaghan, when in fact, FUMARE FIRED him. U.S. News and World Reports realizes it. That's why the law school has such a low rank. Somebody needs to clue Brian Leiter in, though.

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Cause: Criticism of AMU administration (and other unspecified things). No word on whether office was FedEx'd overnight to San Francisco.

UPDATE: The text of Fr. Fessio's email explaining the situation may be found at AveWatch here.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fumare Exclusive: An Interview with Richard Armittage

Mr. Richard Armittage, successful entrepreneur, businessman, and frequent Monaghan defender sat down with Fumare to give his candid assessment of the recent events concerning the faculty lawsuit and goings on in Ave Maria Florida.

Fumare (F): Thanks for sitting down with us, Richard.

Richard Armittage (RA): Hey, no problem. You guys could use a bit of schooling up on what business is all about. I'm glad I can help.

F: We've had some rather strident disagreements over the past few years regarding Mr. Monaghan and the way the Ave Maria enterprises are run. Before we get to the meat of the matter, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself. Where you're from, your influences, and all that.
RA: Glad to. I was born in Detroit in 1937 in a tough section of town. It was a different world in those days, nobody was gonna give you a handout and those that expected it were suckers who listened to FDR. During the war, I helped deliver eggs and made my first couple bucks. From there I went on to work for Amalgamated Systems, Inc. and rose through the ranks to eventually buy the company in 1970. We reincorporated and renamed the company Galvanized Amalgamated Systems (GAMS), partly in memory of this knockout waitress I met in Atlantic City in '68.
F: When did you first meet Tom Monaghan?
RA: I first met Tom (laughing)...you're never gonna believe this....(laughing) at a cheese social in 1985. Did you know Tom is a big fan of cheese?
F: No, I did not know that.
RA: Anyway, we get to talkin' and I quickly discover he and I are cut from the same cloth. Tough as nails and take no prisoners--you know, old school!
F: Explain what you mean by "old school."
RA: C'mon, you know what I mean. Listen. In order to survive this dog-eat-dog world, you have to make sure you're not wearing Milk-Bone Underwear, you know what I mean? In business, you need to make as much as you can as fast as you can; you gotta know which palms to grease and which lap-dogs to hire. Besides all that, you need to have a vision! It could be Shan-gri-La in South Central LA, but you need to have it and drive, drive, drive! You know what I mean. It's old school.
F: Does "old school" include treating people like pizzas?
RA: Oh here we go. You whiners gotta stop the sappy "boo-hoo, somebody got fired" bs. C'mon, this is business. Somebody, don't want to play the game, you gotta boot him! Its as simple as that. It's about the vision. It's old school.
F: But isn't curious that Mr. Monaghan wraps himself in the cloak of the Catholic Church and doesn't seem to walk the walk?
RA: Hell, its about the vision. Tom and I often speak about the pope and stuff like that. Hey, what can I say, the pope's a great guy, but he doesn't know anything about business. He needs to stick to that theology stuff, you know, what he's good at. All this stuff recently about his new pastoral letter or whatever it is, it doesn't really concern Tom or me. The pope is in Italy, he's not in Southwest Florida. It's too bad, the pope's just not old school like Tom and me.
F: But it seems as if Ave Maria is all about Tom than it is about the Church or even Our Lady.
RA: So, what's your point?
F: Well, consider: (1) Tom controls everything--from his foundation to the banks in Ave Maria Town to the boards of the educational institutions; (2) Tom's favorite architecture is in play in AMT; (3) Tom's Marine nickname is the mascot for the Ave Maria University...need I go on?
RA: You guys just don't get it do you! It's the vision thing. You gotta drive, drive, drive! People who aren't with you are against you and you need to throw them out. Damn what these "scholars" say, they are terrorists! The only way to get things done is to be old school.
Part 2 of this interview will continue in an upcoming Fumare post.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lawsuit News

This post is really about my laziness. There has been a partial settlement in the lawsuit. A commentor to my previous post links to the NDN article and avewatch has more. Much more. http://www.avewatch.com/ or something.

Also, a fumare poll that I am too lazy to create, let alone imbed:

There are three types of people:

1) Those who initiate purges.
2) Those who survive purges.
3) Those who get purged.

T$M and Joseph Stalin are examples of the first type. Jim Sonne and some jagoff Russki whose name I can't be bothered up to look are examples of the second type.

Query: Of which type is Mr.Dobranski an example (and don't say "three")?

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Is Dr. David Schindler a Key Influence in Caritas in Veritate?

As was reading through the Encyclical I was struck by the echoes of the work of Dr. David L. Schindler in the text.

At first reading it may not seem to be all that critical of an insight that the pope is making, but on further reflection, the pope is making a significant step in the development of the social doctrine.

This is something new.

The "new" is this idea of the "logic of the unconditional gift", "gratuitousness" as a third way.

Compare what Benedict is saying about this (in sections III and IV) to David L. Schindler, especially in the book "Wealth, Poverty and Human Destiny" - in his chapter "'Homelessness' and Market Liberalism" he has a whole section on "Towards an Economy of Gift and Gratitude." This is the longest essay in the book and the most intellectually satisfying for its depth and realism in marshaling a critique of Market Liberalism. This idea of the "logic of unconditional gift" is a very deep anthropological argument that is ground shaking because (like the Theology of the Body) it is a foundational perspective.

The section begins:

"I come now to a critical turn in the argument. For the argument concerns not simply the ontological idea of wealth, however "realistic" we may now see that it is on its own terms, but the bearing of this idea on wealth in its specifically economic context, or on the nature of economic exchanges themselves. This requires that the ontological idea of wealth as a matter primarily of gift and gratitude be shown to carry its own way of producing and exchanging and possessing things. It must be shown that the things produced, exchanged, and possessed will themselves differ in their very character as things, depending on the extent to which their production, exchange, and possession is integrated into a grateful sense of reality as gift - that is, such that the things themselves take on the nature of gift."

If indeed, Benedict XVI is pointing to the work of Schindler, then it represents a very important magisterial judgement in the on-going debate about the Church and the Liberal Tradition, vis-a-vis economics, with the Catholic neo-conservatives (Whig Thomists) on the one side and the Communio School (Augustinian Thomists) on the other. Schindler is frequently debating Weigel, Novak, and Neuhaus' (RIP) thought on their interpretation of the Social Doctrine and capitalism.

Benedict's encyclical is not good news for Weigel or the First Things crowd, nor for The Acton Institute for that matter, but is it very good news for David L. Schindler, the John Paul II Institute, and Communio School of Thought (perhaps this is why Weigel has sort of trashed it and Acton is spinning it).

This is pretty important stuff, for an Economy of Gift requires that we acknowledge and respect the source, development and sustainability of Gratuity in society. The logic of gift, when fully reflected upon, leads to an approach to social, economic and political life that could be called "Distributist," or "The Familial Economy," or as Schindler calls it "A Marian Economy" (BTW, Here is a summary of a recent conference on the Distributist view on the Economic Crisis, it is worth reading).

There will be more on this in the coming weeks and months as the encyclical is unpacked, but you heard it here first. The work of Schindler is a key influence in this encyclical.

How important is this new idea? This is from Fr. Robert Barron and Fr. Fessio:

Fr. Robert Barron thinks this is new:

Another novum in this remarkable text is the Pope’s insistence that, alongside of the contractual logic of the marketplace (one gives in order to receive) and the legal logic of the political realm (one gives because one is obliged to give), there must be the logic of sheer gratuity (one gives simply because it is good to do so). Without this third element, both the economic and political devolve into something less than fully human.

Fr. Fessio seems to think so:

The inclusiveness of this integration is emphatically and perhaps surprisingly exemplified in paragraph 39. There, the Pope states that the "logic of the market and the logic of the state," i.e., free economic exchange with political oversight and restraint, are not enough to secure human flourishing. There must also be "solidarity in relations between citizens, participation and adherence, actions of gratuitousness" or, as he says in summary, "increasing openness, in a world context, to forms of economic activity marked by quotas of gratuitousness and communion." Pope Benedict insists on a "third economic factor" in addition to the market and the state: gratuitousness.

For further interest:

Here is a debate between Schindler and Bandow at ISI.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New CatholicVote.com Video

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ELVIS came to Ann Arbor, but He won't go to Ave Town

In case you missed Elvisfest in Southeast Michigan this year, you won't find him in Florida. If you didn't know, Elvis is still alive:

watch the five part series on the truth about Elvis's staged death here:

some people say the following is authoritative evidence of the whole question:

and again at Graceland

He rides Line 15 in Poland everyday.

If you don't believe that, then you need to know that ELVIS was an occult practitioner:
(Elvis recognized the devil's part in his success; Elvis was under the influence of occult spirits. Previous bodyguard reveals that Elvis bragged of occultic power and Elvis stated himself to be a prophet. Elvis was not Christian. Elvis )

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 6:55 PM. |

"Wise Woman" Code for Neo-Paganism?

Sonia Sotomayer is very fond of refering to herself repeatedly as a "wise woman" or variously "wise Latina woman" and most of the commentary on this has focused on the "woman" (i.e., feminist/sexist) and "Latina" (i.e., racist) aspects of this phase, but has overlooked the meaning of the phrase "wise woman."

What is a "wise woman?"

Kudos to Culturewarnotes.com for picking this one up. Have a look at the comments of this article and you will find this:

In my experience with having been married to an ex-Wiccan priestess, and having a collection of neopagan books I've used for cultural research that total roughly six shelf-feet, "Wise woman" is always a euphemism for feminist witch (neo-pagan). Whenever you see a feminist "scholar" describing, say, the Witch of Endor from the Bible or the witchhunts of the middle ages, they ALWAYS replace the word "witch" with "wise woman". I have never heard a feminist or a neo-pagan use the word "wise woman" to describe an actually wise woman. It's as much a loaded word as a Communist referring to someone as a "fellow traveler".
As for her being "Catholic", frankly, the most intense feminist neo-pagans I know have Catholic backgrounds.

At first, one might dismiss this as too far flung, however when you take a closer look it fits her profile like a glove.

The meaning of the phrase "wise woman" as code for neo-pagan feminist witch is well established. Just Google "wise woman," 10:1 the returns are about neo-paganism, herbalism, moon circles, and aligned products and services. One of the links is to the book "Wise Woman" which is an "intense, absorbing tale, a grisly drama of passion and witchcraft in 16th-century England."

In the late 80's PBS began to popularize the ideas of mythologist Joseph Campbell and with him, Carl Jung through the Bill Moyers series The Power of Myth. The ideas of these men, and others, really paved the way for the mainstreaming of neo-paganism in America as an intellectually sophisticated practice about depth psychology and self-actualization. Organizations such as Woman Within International offer women "training" (code for ritual initiation) for "empowerment" (code for witchcraft power rituals) and a network of women who "gather" for mutual support (code for monthly communal lunar rituals). Someone who has been initiated into this is a "wise woman." The intellectual foundations for this coincide with feminist and post-colonial critical theory. Needless to say, these organizations are stocked with lesbians because it is the spirituality of lesbianism - women power.

These women do not identify themselves as pointy nosed toothless witches that we know from popular culture, rather they see this stereotype as a patriarchial demonization of the "wise woman" herbalist, shaman, reader of signs who is connected to the wisdom of the Earth Mother, or Sophia, or Goddess(es) that were burned at the stake in the millions by the Catholic Church (a popular and wide spread lie that has been discredited but persists). These are not the tatooed, pink hair, black nail polish, pentagram wearing witches that embrace occultism, rather they are professional women who are looking for avenues to increase their power in a patriarchial world through esoteric means and an elite network of spiritual society. Catholicism is an opressor of women in this worldview and totally incompatable.

Sonja Sotomayor has acknowledged that she is not a practicing Catholic, she goes to Church here and there when family duty calls. So, how does a single high powered career woman find nourishment for her spirit if she is a catholic but doesn't go to mass or participate in community life? Where does she find her spiritual communion with others?

Perhaps she is a member of one of these women initation circles that "train" women for "empowerment" and "gather" regularlly to network and that is where she aquired her identity as a "wise woman" within this spiritual communion?

It just so happens that Sotomayer is a member of such an elite feminist group: The Belizean Grove.

The Belizean Grove is consciously modeled after the occult men's group the Bohemian Grove and includes:

The Grove is an international nurturing network that helps women pursue more significant dreams, ambitions, purposes, transcendence, and spiritual fulfillment, while also opening up more leadership opportunities to these women of diverse backgrounds, talents, ages, and skills.

So what is the "trancendence and spiritual fulfillment" offered by this elite group?

Our laws rest on a Judeo-Christian foundation, what do you think of a SCOTUS who is a practicing neo-pagan. Is faith life irrelevant to this discussion?

Was she signalling to her audience that she was part of this network, specifically of a Latin American neo-pagan flavor?

More attention is needed to understand the meaning of "wise woman." Mind you, she didn't say "intelligent woman" or "educated woman" or "experienced woman" over and over again. She said, "Wise Woman."

This has the strong wiff of speaking in code.

UPDATE: Why Sotomayor is Good for Pagan Rights.

UPDATE 2: Without a doubt, "Wise Woman" is a term of art that invokes the mytho-poetic women's movement which is a Jungian/depth psychology return to paganism. There is a whole cottage industry and movement built around the idea of the "wise woman." Check out these references to "Wise Women" on the web:

1. Google: "define: wise woman" and you get this: Definitions of wise woman on the Web:
  • A person believed to be skilled in magic or local customs
2. Google hits for "wise woman": one, two, three, four

3. Amazon Books:

Goddesses and Wise Women: The Literature of Feminist Spirituality

A Wise Woman's Guide to Spells, Rituals, and Goddess Love

The Wise Woman

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Ave Maria School of Law

I assume you're all reading Avewatch. Good stuff recently. The note about Rice is classic. Can't wait for more Post-Its to become public. That's gold, Jerry, gold!

I've been busy with work and not-work, and one assumes Big T is otherwise engaged, but please tell your family and friends to keep up with all doings Ave. We especially invite informed comments to keep us up to date. And speaking of being up to date, I just received confirmation that the availability of the Vineyards campus on Day One-F(la) is a long-shot. It's just so far from being ready as of, well, today. So that will be a fun story to follow. Is there a Cleary across the street in which they can hold classes for the first month or so? (Answer: No.) Minimal parking, too. We all see the humor in that, right?

Let's see, what else? Sonne seems to be working for a firm in Cali. The class schedule hasn't been made public yet (one wonders if it has even been finalized), but he may be a total no-show in FLA. He only showed up in AA last year when the ABA was visiting. To teach a class on employment ethics. You can't make this stuff up. And he was caught in a three-way make-out session with T$M and the Dean in the downstairs hallway. (You can make that up. I just did!!1!) Sonne seems to have had all his bases covered. One wonders if he had inside info re the very real possibility that the school would have closed had ABA approval for the move not been granted.

Big news in the lawsuit, which I can't tell you. But it goes on.

There is a Monaghan Museum at the AMT piazza (sp?) (get it?), as one of our commenters mentioned. Lots of tiger sculptures. Well, two, as memory serves. Same number as stuffed turkeys at Chez L's. And L would be interested to know that there is a nearby casino in the slums of Immokalee. And Publix is a really good grocery. I heard T$M and Barron Collier are covering their losses for the first few years. Condoms are available behind the counter, but one has to request them. I actually consider this a win. They compromised to us, for a change. The Oratory isn't horrible. The sanctuary is unfinished. How they choose to complete it will determine whether it's lame or rather neat. (Has anyone seen the previews for that creepy little kid movie? Is that Thorncrown she firestarters?) The outside of the Oratory is weird, though. I hope they finish the outbuilding-type buildings in stone.

Okay, a little more. AMT is huge, but not at all built up. Which makes the small developments seem smaller and isolated. And I saved a turtle there. Does that make me an American hero? Well, "hero" is your word, but yes. And thank you.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


It has finally arrived.

Here it is in English.

What is he saying that is new? . . . Discuss.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now the Ministerial Abstention motion makes sense

I was dumbfounded for a way to reconcile Monaghan's and Dobranski's statements of the law school being independent of the Catholic Church with the now claimed unity required to obtain the clerical ministerial indulgences of civil law.

You've seen my posts -- there is no reconcilliation if we understand them to mean the Catholic Church, that is, the one with the successor of Peter. No, that doesn't make sense, but that's when it hit me, Ad maijorem Monaghani gloriam!

They don't mean that Catholic Church!!!!! They mean the version Tom and Bernie created that reconciles utility under the pro life cover. The Church of Tom which is more CATHOLIC than any other Catholic place... In my opinion, it all makes sense. It was at that point that an angel came and delivered a prayer card with these words:


The Founder's Creed
I believe in Tom, the Founder Almighty, creator of the schools and the town,
and of all party lines, written or unwritten.

I believe in one brand, Ave Maria, the only begotten brand of Tom. begotten of Tom before all other so-called catholic places. Orthodox of orthodoxy, conservative of conservatives, very brand of catholic brands, of one substance with the Founder, by Whom all we say is determined.

Who, for us peons and our salvation, came down from his Lions sky box and was incardinated in Southeast Michigan, and was made in glossy print; and was crucified for us by the liberal press and the other people who aren't true believers, like the terrorists and democrats; He recapitulated, saw a profit in Florida, removed his area impact study in order to be denied planning; in the third year He rose the plans again in Florida, according to the agenda he set in 2001; he ascended into Naples and sits sits at the right hand of Patron Collier but in the town of Marco; He will come again and again with PR and attorneys to judge the peons, the terrorists, and the naysayers.

And I believe in his PR Machine, the word and destroyer of adverse facts; who proceeds from the Founder and the Brand; who with the Founder and the Brand is to be blindly adhered; and is spoken by the now favored ones.

And I believe in one, unified, universal, and violently defended party line. I acknowledge one chance to be on the Founder's good side; and I look for a mortgage free property in the town, as well as a chance to vote. Amen.

On the back side is an unrecognized picture (sorry, I don't have a camera or scanner), with little children saluting an image of Tom in the sky over the oratory, and this pledge:
I pledge allegiance to the Founder
and the great town and schools he founded
and to his whims
for which we act
one religion
under Tom
with one will and PR message for all.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

National Law Journal on Safranek v. Monaghan


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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kmiec To Be Named Ambassador To Malta

It looks like Kmiec has gotten his reward for his support of President Obama.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A week without West

Just in case anyone thought the West debate was over, I wanted to point out Dr. Schindler's analysis of his student West:
It is important to understand, however, that good will is not synonymous with sound thought; and I must say, not without reluctance, that West’s work seems to me to misrepresent in significant ways the thought of John Paul II.

click here to see full article.

BUT WAIT! There's more! Idiot lawyer Chris Ferrara, who has some precision but no accuracy, lucked into a grouping pretty close to the mark in his latest attempt to fire some rounds-- published in today's Remnant click here

Typical of his style, he front-loads his bias in conclusive transitions (and over uses the magical word "clearly") but this quote is worth mention:
I rather doubt that theological truths of momentous importance for the Church and the world were left unspoken for nearly 2,000 years, only to emerge suddenly in “John Paul’s thought” by way of little-known addresses so “dense” they need to be “translated” by “secondary literature.” Yet the lay “translators” of TOB preposterously “interpret” a series of opaque commentaries as nothing less than the hope of the world in our time, the implication being—and this is classic neo-Catholicism—that the Church’s teaching on marriage and procreation before Vatican II was all pretty much worthless.

Schindler's crtique is worth the read. Ferrara makes a good point in criticizing the "holy sex" exhuberance.

So let's see if the West fans and TOB Luddites can overcome their prediliction to write off crticism as warrantless because it comes from traditionalists (an inherent fallacy of ad hominem) and properly respond to Schindler (Smith's attempt was laughably flat) or Ferrara (who is a trad, but lucked into some ok points). I don't think they can do it. They rely on emoting, while what I'm asking for takes reason.

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