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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Newly Vocal AMU Students Prove 140 LSAT is an Unreasonably High Target

Thank God for YouTube, or I'd never believe people who tell me that Monaghan is growing idiots in giant pods plugged into the tomato vines of the Immokalee swamp. It's even worse that these are motivated Ave Maria University Students. Quote: "Fox 4 News shows there[sic] inability to objectively portray Ave Maria, taking most comments out of context."

It now makes sense to me why so many AMU students can't seem to grasp abstract concepts. Take a look at the real drama queens in the FOX 4 NOW coverage. Self-styled "real journalists" AMUForums has posted the entire interview segments, along with the names of the students appearing in the FOX 4 video.

One video, titled "Patrick Simmons and John Masek Talk To Fox 4 News" is hilariously sad that the person posting it thinks it proves something other than the low intelligence of the speakers. Patrick Simmons, who spells it "amature[sic] drama queen," appears to be modeling his speech after Clinton. Although admitting he created the page, he then denies having written any of the insults appearing on the page he created. He goes so far as to say that he doesn't know anyone personally who would say those things, but he doesn't deny that people out there exist who would. I also like the spin where he tries to say that his own family has harsh humor. Let's see the links his family created about him. I also like how he avoids calling himself fat, but rather calls himself "big." "Husky" is the nicer word, but he demonstrates that words and language aren't his forte.

Watch the rest of the videos for a laugh. You couldn't write this stuff if you wanted to. I've seen trial video of felons who appear far more credible and other deposition video of uneducated people who speak with less pauses, less "umms" and far less "you knows." It's scary that this is Ave's finest.

Likewise, the atrocious spelling found throughout the facebook page and even the YouTube page for AMUForums and video descriptions is priceless. These are short bus riders all the way.

Watch the videos yourself and you'll see that the FOX 4 Now coverage was very kind to these students. Simmons presented no better context for the clip FOX used, and frankly, if FUMARE had edited the FOX 4 clips, we'd have included all his Clintonisms so you could see how well that self-professed beacon of Catholic morality teaches our youngins to ignore any duty to speak the truth or measure one's words. What's funnier is that another student accuses Hemminger of lying.

Sadisvan must have a remnant of a conscience because he doesn't say lying, but rather talks about unknown people who speak "untruth" about his university irritating him. I like how their own rhetoric denies what they try to say.

These kids were stooged. Commenter Ivan Kasimirovich might be right after all, that these kids were plugged with talking points.

You can't make this stuff up. From far away it's hilarious. For Mr. Hemminger, it's not.

Chin up, Hemminger! The retards can't even spell their insults well, and if all they can muster is to call you fat, then you've already kicked their asses from the start. They claim to have the high moral ground, but they ignore even Healy's misdirected advice to "Let charity reign!" Apparently, it's all good if charity means destroying enemies with the retarded goon squad. Priceless.

I want more videos! Network TV writers can't get this good!