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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Forgive and Forget?

It has long been established that we here at Fumare continue to be distrustful of Mr. Monaghan and the administration & board of our alma mater. We are on the record as opposing their abuse of power, their oppressive and vindictive tactics against those who disagreed with them, and we will ever be suspicious of them.

So noted. OK, now what? Some of you have written us off as perpetually discontented “anti-alumni” who can’t be reasoned with. You’ve asked us to “just get over it already” and move on to uniting behind our alma mater and her important mission. Let's talk a little bit about this.

I had a chance to travel in November and had lunch with a fellow Fumarist – one who has been one of the more vehement bloggers here over the years. We talked about our families, mutual friends, living our Catholic faith in the world, and the practice of law. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but precious little of our 90 minutes was spent discussing AMSOL and its problems. However, the little conversation we did have on that topic came as a welcome surprise to me. We both agree in principle that at some point, if the school prospers and does well in Florida, it will be time to stop waving the bloody shirt, and support AMSOL again.

When exactly will that time come? I don’t know. We’re not there yet. But as those responsible for the betrayal of our alma mater continue to move on and are replaced with new blood, the specific reasons for our anger disappear one by one. More importantly, if our alma mater remains true to her stated mission and graduates quality lawyers who are committed to the Natural Law and the promotion of sound Catholic principles in our society to achieve the common good, then perhas we all should consider supporting AMSOL in some capacity.
One way that comes to mind immediately is to stop blaming AMSOL grads for the actions of the BoG and administration. I have seen some commenters here who have said they would not assist their fellow AMSOL grads (from later years). Pardon me, but it sure seems like these people are letting their antipathy for the malefactors (however justified this antipathy may be) cause them to reject good people who deserve whatever help we can give them.

So maybe we can start thinking about this. What would it take for YOU to move on from the strife and start showing appropriate support for AMSOL? This doesn’t mean forgetting what has already occurred, and despite my tentative olive branch, there are some people I will never trust again. But as a classmate and good friend once told me, “only the amateurs stay angry”. Maybe it’s time to look for constructive ways to cautiously assist a mission that, on its face, is worthy of our support? Is there a way to advance the good without rewarding the bad behavior?