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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, November 16, 2009

You're next

In 2002, it was Kate Ernsting and many other Ave Maria College employees who were crushed because they spoke up about what was happening.

It was also Leo Clarke.

In 2003, they (Monaghan's minions in the Ave Maria School of Law) focused on Rice.

In 2006, they polished off Rice.

In 2007, they came for Safranek, Pucillo, and Lyons. (even called it by the Stalinist term, a "purge"). Remember Kate O'Beirne defending it as a just move? (By the way, Kate, I miss you for the laughable thug you are. You remind me that neocons can be Stalinists and tote the party line, and yet you accuse other women of it. deliciously a stalinist tactic of blaming others before they blame you).

Parents of University students had it figured out. ("We came to learn, and experienced first-hand, that AMU is an environment of constant "surveillance and judgment" of the real or imagined faults of others") But they didn't connect the dots to actual violence used to rid the utopia world of "them."

In 2009, they (Monaghan's minions at Ave Town and Ave Maria University) go after Marielena Montesino de Stuart, a strong proponent of the Town's idea and growth.

This isn't even mentioning the non public figures they whacked.

And yet, there are people who turn a blind eye. Even worse, there are other people who jump on the bandwagon and blast them.

It's wrong no matter which way you look at it. People like to say after seeing Monaghan at a fundraiser, "oh, he's so humble." Is it a characteristic of humility to destroy people who ask reasonable and legitimate questions? I must have missed that lesson in school. I don't remember Our Lord launching into a sermon on the values of picking an undesirable trait of another and magnifying it into an excuse for detraction. That must be in the special Ave Maria bible, commissioned by Monaghan for his personal tranquility of mind. Someday you'll upset this "humble" man and see what his angry words on yellow post it notes will do to you, too.

Likewise, for his minions who complain that any legitimate questions must be driven by "disgruntled" people. I laugh when I hear those things, because the people who mumble such things don't realize, they're next.

Solzhenitsyn wrote the same of the Soviets, who patented the character assassination tactics of attacking the attacker with words like "dissident", "terrorist" and others long, long, long before Monaghan copied them. Even Fox 4 is reaching the conclusion that "disruptive" is nothing more than name calling. Ave Watch confirms that "disruptive" is the nasty name selected as the nom du jour to attack de Stuart, but FUMARE readers already knew that by the updates we gave last week. What name will they paste on you when you're turn comes? Solzhenitsyn said the same thing -- you're next:
The suppression of those who think differently in the Soviet Union is not an ‘internal affair’ of the Soviet Union, and it is not simply a far-away manifestation of cruelty against which noble sensitive souls protest in the West. The unhindered suppression of those who think differently in Eastern Europe creates a deadly, real threat to peace everywhere, prepares the possibility of a new world war much more surely than trade pushes this possibility away… Today they are crunching our bones – this is a sure pledge that tomorrow they will be crunching yours.

In similar manner is the suppression of people who think differently in Ave Maria. What they do in their little town has ramifications to each of us. You're next.