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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Time to Pay the Piper: Will AMU Use the Oratory designation as a sword to block de Stuart entrance?

In March of 2008, yes, 18 months ago, I posted a long analysis of the differences between Chapels, Churches, and Oratories. Most notably, I pointed out that Oratories can exclude membership. A parish or a chapel cannot.

At that time, I made the following observation:
An oratory is different from a Church because the faithful who do not belong to the religious community or Juridical person of the Oratory may be EXCLUDED from worshiping there.

I am tempted to believe that Monaghan intended to create a way to exclude people from his oratory by having read Canon law with a lay understanding of defined terms. He would see himself as the competent Superior of the town, thereby giving him the right to exclude if indeed the terms had lay person's definitions. Mere private associations of people cannot be a Juridical Person, however. Can 310. Thus, Monaghan is foiled again by the exclusive jurisdiction of bishops and the Pope.

It's kind of sad to realize under the Canonical definition that the Town, by choosing the name Oratory over Church intended to make a place that is not open to all faithful.

The little "anonymous" harlequin, who is probably, the fumare hater for all seasons, kept insisting that there was no significance to the title and that FUMARE had nothing better to do than spew hatred.

I still maintain that the selection of Oratory was intentional.

Now, we have the first opportunity to find out if excluding people was one of the reasons for selecting that type of place to be consecrated, as opposed to having a regular Church or Chapel. Today, Mrs. de Stuart was informed she's not allowed on University property. She reports on it here.

It's unclear why she was banned for attending the District town hall meeting, but the other town resident who attended and caused what town blog AveHerald called a "snippy discussion" was not. AveHerald's characterization is "The meeting began on a testy note as residents Marielena Stuart and Robb Klucik exchanged words after Stuart asked about a report on an anonymous blog about a Florida state audit of the AMSCD."

So the first question is whether Klucik, who appears to have done the same thing as de Stuart, was also banned. Can anonymous, or one of his many other names from which he posts comments, tell us?

The second question is whether de Stuart has been prevented from entering the Oratory.

There's more questions, but I thought everyone should be reminded that despite anonymous's continual harlequin song of "spewmare," we really do have our finger on the pulse of things around here.