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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Right on Script: AveHerald sets out to Attack the Attacker

FOX 4 has more coverage of the attempts to go on campus. AMU stiff-armed Miss Lodhia, but she talked to them off campus. Go watch it -- it's great.

I love the Stepford kids sent out that didn't like Fox 4 asking questions. Ave Herald must resent open debate, too.

Nice touch, Fallsy baby!

Ave Herald is a fine specimen of post-Stalin journalism. On the news that Fox 4 was kicked off campus and seeing that they might be next, they've set out to try and gather complaints to use against Fox 4.

To their credit, they ask "tell us what you think" as the post title, which appears at first blush to be a mere way to solicit input. But think about that for a minute. Doesn't the excellent coverage Fox 4 gave speak for itself? And then look at what the blog put for the post. They put the editorial standards of Fox 4 up. No doubt they are looking for people to concoct ways in which Fox broke its own rules. Nothing like a little thuggery aimed at the station manager in order to back them off, eh? You can be sure the emails stating that FOX 4 is doing a good job will never see the light of day.

ACORN would be proud.

Nice. Way to go Ave Herald -- that won't keep you from being subject to the arbitrary whims of the yellow post it note write. You still might be next, no matter how hard you try and shine Mr. M's bum with that nose. Or, maybe you are collecting names to hand over to them when they come for you. Either way, you're still in the line of post it note fire.

Well, FOX 4 News has their own method of collecting feedback for their coverage. Write them at news@fox4now.com. I did already. I think Fox 4 is being reserved and very cautious in their reporting. They should be digging into this mess more.