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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Predictable Syrup from Deacon Fournier

In a piece that once again blames the evil blogosphere for all the bad things that happen to the embattled AMU/T, Deacon Keith Fournier readies his Jeff Cavins Bible Tabs and treats us up to an entree of scriptural quotations instructing critics on how to be charitable. (I commend Deacon Fournier when he does write well. Specifically, I commend him for his defense of the faith in light of the Doug Kmiec debacle.) Nevertheless, here he seems to put his buddies ahead of legitimate and pointed criticism of AMU/T and the Golisano donation.

I would point out to the good Deacon that the exercise of practical prudence is what motivates most of the critics of Monaghan et al. I would also point out that those who have been intimately associated with the workings of the Monaghan entities know that, oftentimes, authetic Catholic teaching takes a back seat to the particular cafeteria offering of Catholic teaching that Mr. Monaghan wishes to espouse. Thus, the shabby treatment of human persons is permitted, insofar as it accomplishes the greater good of realizing his "vision." Deacon Fournier has never had any such (that I recall) criticism of AMU. In an obvious demonstration of this "ends justifies the means" philosophy, Monaghan-directed AMU's sanctimonious condemnation and gauche raising of money off of ND's infidelity to the Magisterium reeks of the worst possible secular opportunism. Where was the moral outrage and indignation of Deacon Fournier then? Or when Monaghan called good Catholic intellectuals "academic terrorists?" [I could go on and on...](crickets chirping)

No critic has ever judged Golisano's, Healy's, or Monaghan's soul. We are not in a position to, nor is it our desire. But the exercise of the practical intellect to comment (sometimes in a way reminiscent of St. Jerome) on the evidence that some Catholics--such as the good Deacon--wish to ignore is perfectly acceptable.

Read Fournier's piece here. Get the pancakes ready.