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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Orange Paper is for Pizza Travel - Yellow is for Whacking People

Read Moneyman's article in Legion Legatus rag for October. Ask yourself if this is really a guy who can't remember his own address. It's funny that he's worried about being cool, too. Check out the color scheme to the paper:

I travel a lot and in preparation for each trip, my staff prints out a detailed itinerary for me. It usually encompasses 2-3 days, and it is always printed on orange paper so that I can distinguish it from all of the other papers I carry in my pocket. I use the back of these orange itineraries as my note pad. I always have one in my pocket because I keep the last itinerary there until I get one for my next trip. When I get an idea that I want to remember (oftentimes it is while I am in church), out comes the orange sheet and my pen, and I make a note of it.

So where is he when he is inspired to write people's names on yellow Post It notes ordering the henchmen to fire people, make people family's suffer, or generally pay the sheriff to remove middle aged women from his property? Head of security, Minnick. Isn't there an orc with that name, or something like that in one of them fantasy novels?

Does Monaghan get those ideas (the ones to destroy people and insult them and generally assassinate their public reputation) in the bathroom? It's pretty clear that God doesn't tell him to do those things. It's certainly not the Blessed Mother.

Ave Maria University and Town has got to feel great knowing that Monaghan's whims determine whether you can walk around your own city.

Live it up harlequins, he'll be after you next. I'm still laughing the Marielena de Stuart was one of the Ave Maria Town's biggest fans, and made public statements of her excitement about the idea. And now, because Monaghan is annoyed with her, she's talked about like common trash.

Don't the people in that Town realize they're next? Rice, Safranek, Pucillo, Falvey, Lyons, Fessio, de Stuart, and countless others such as Ernsting... and a few others who I'd like to name but they'd be nervous because of those gag orders we all know Monaghan puts in his measly settlements...

They were all fans of the ideas just like anyone in Ave Town today. And yet, Monaghan calls them an enemy and enlists you to destroy them. Don't you people down there realize he'll do the same thing to you next?

UPDATE:. "Disruptive" is the insult the Ave Maria Monaghan minions are using according to a post as an open letter to the Ave Maria University Board of Trustees from Marielena Montesino de Stuart posted yesterday.

Disruptive to what? Monaghan's whimsical beliefs of silence and critical thinking by anyone in his self-imposed domain? Disruptive to town plans to keep public meetings out of public questions? Disruptive to Nick Healy's desire to push people around like Obama does? Just what does disruptive mean? It's a harsh sounding word, but consider that the people speaking it are notorious for disruptive behavior.