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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FUMARE BREAKING: AMU President Responds to Recent Media Coverage

Sources inside Hail Mary Town tell Fumare that the President has responded to recent media coverage. While yet unconfirmed, FUMARE has received this footage:

UPDATE: FUMARE HAS RECEIVED A DRAFT COPY OF THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM AVE MARIA UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT NICK HEALY We believe the portion in strikeout (looks like this kind of text) are his own original ideas prior to having the statement vetted by Monaghan, and cleared by Falls prior to release, but they might not be, or they are most likely our inline editorial comments by the pink elephant who edits for FUMARE. The pink elephant isn't relying on an accurate transcript, a scholarship, or other administrative services, so his speech is still free to offer his opinion. Besides, he's a pink elephant blogger, so he doesn't exist, right?

Dear Students,

As I am sure you know because you have unfettered internet access at home and we didn't block FOX 4 from the campus cable television yet, the situation involving a very disturbing and nasty mouthed town blogger resident reporting for The Wanderer denied by our well armed Collier County Sheriffs permission to be in my house and Tom's domain on our campus has generated publicity about our ability to ignore people we don't like and shun them forciblysupposed curbs on freedom of speech. But nobody was bothered by other town residents doing the same thing. We didn't curb their speech.

Let me make it clear. Speech is far more dangerous than failing to maintain one's lane late night while texting on a cell phone. We do not make any effort to restrict speech by students just by bloggers and town residents. Vigorous and open debate is an essential aspect of university life, but not at Ave Maria University if you are supporting a position we deem to be critical of me, Tom, or the Ave Maria brand. Students are free to say whatever they want in the privacy of their dorm room, out of my hearing, and not on the internet or to the media.

Having said that, let me note two caveats:

News media are expected to follow established protocols if they wish to enter the campus. We do need to avoid disruption of student activities and dorm life even if students invited them at their own discretion.

Interviews given to the media can wind up on You Tube or other outlets and surface again years later. Things said that might be hurtful or embarrassing to me or other administrators other students or to the faculty cannot be withdrawn once they are given to the media and we can't have an objective record hanging around out there if we want to say something different at that time.

My hope is that you will let charity reign because if you don't, you might have problems. Besides, in charity, you should forget that Marielena was invited to the press conference as a member of the press prior to being disinvited as a disruptive resident. See, if the media were to get the prior statement, I couldn't downplay it later as easily if there was a public record on U Tube.

Nicholas Healy