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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Controversy: Who runs alumni board elections?

I merely asked where the election ballots for the alumni board was and I got an ear full.

Apparently, the email last week from the Alumni Affairs office wasn't the entire story. It sounds as if the alumni board is dealing with a dilatory and recalcitrant David Wagner who ignores requests from board and hasn't provided information to the board in a timely fashion. From what I gathered, the board has been requesting information and simple matters such as time frames and offering it's assistance for months but receives no responses or unresponsive answers on the eve of meetings thereby causing the board to be unable to act.

I get the sense that Mr Wagner thinks he's the only board member and uses access to the email list and mailings as a way to assert his unilateral discretion on the board.

We elected a board, but from what I hear Wagner thinks we elected him only. For instance, one board member insists that the electronic voting issue was approved by the board if the website used could assure that it counted the ballots in the manner required by the bylaws. Wagner refused to explore the option and instead of working with the committee, he gave them a "take it or leave it" option that failed to show his single option could work.

Instead of reporting these things, the email he sent to all alumni made it sound like the board was the bad guy.

Apparently, not everyone you nominated has been contacted by Wagner. It is unclear whether Wagner contacted all who were nominated to accept or decline nomination. Essentially, Wagner appears to be disenfranchising your elected board by not working with them and then blaming them for his failures.

So what do you think? Did you elect Wagner or does the alumni board deserve cooperation?

UPDATE: I made the struck sentence above clearer. I thought "apparently" showed enough uncertainty, but I think the edit above more clearly conveys what I was told. If you nominated someone for the alumni board, please post the name here.