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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unconfirmed: AMSL flunks the bar exam in Michigan

If anyone wants a graphic depicting this information, I'll work on it after I see an official report, however, several places on the blawgs, such as this MSU fan site, are reporting that the Michigan Board of Bar Examiners has released pre-appeal bar exam pass rates by school.

According to those various posts, which seems to agree, the numbers are thus:

FIRST-TIME Bar Exam Takers Breakdown (Statewide: 88%)

Michigan State University: 95%
Cooley: 85%
U of D Mercy: 85%
U of M: 92%
Wayne: 89%
Toledo: 89%
Out of State Law Schools: 84%
Ave Maria: 74%

ALL Exam Takers Breakdown (Statewide: 83%)

Michigan State University: 91%
Cooley: 75%
U of D Mercy: 83%
U of M: 92%
Wayne: 84%
Toledo: 89%
Out of State Law Schools: 80%
Ave Maria: 73%

Thanks. The graph will look a lot like the admission statisitcs, except the precipitous fall from top to bottom will be steeper. Rock Bottom.

Any of you blathering sycophants want to criticize me, then here's what to say in the comments: "FUMARE is just reporting bad news about the Ave Maria School of Law and we should be assisting these students in their time of need instead of pounding on them." or here's another one, "these results are for Michigan, but the school is in Florida now."

Good thing they have Princeton Review's highest rated faculty. At least, that's what these bar takers thought. They do say that the gap between a 130 LSAT and a literate person is enough to cause the LSAT taker to have awe in the verbal superiority of the regular person. Perhaps that's why such high ratings.