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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Facinating Analysis the Obama Brand . . . and the loss of its value

Iconography, or branding, in advertising, is a means of communicating subliminally impressions, feelings and positive values through the use of symbols and reinforcing associations with those symbols.

The above video is a remarkable analysis of the Obama branding and how the DMC is using this to re-brand the presidency of the United States of America. They are effectively using text book brand management techniques to permanently change our associations wth the office of the presidency.

The Obama campaign was so effective in doing this that they have forgotten the first rule of banding:

Be sure your product can deliver on the brand promise.

Can you imagine spending millions of dollars on building up positive associations with your brand that motivates tens of millions of people (maybe more) to believe in it and go out and buy it, and then they get home and the thing doesn't even work!?! Buyers remose sets in and the consumer has a new association with the brand that the brand gurus didn't intend. Very quickly the positive power of a brand can shift negative, especially when the brand can not deliver on its promises.

Obama's brand promises are "HOPE" and "CHANGE."

With the international olympic community voting "NOPE" in its estimation of the Obama product, it seems that the house of cards is falling. Here is SNL's take on the president. (Note how the actor doesn't do his usual excellent job of imitating Obama's speech style, but basically uses his own voice. Why? Perhaps to soften the attack somewhat. This is still their guy.)

With Obama's brand value in the crapper, it is a very dangerous time.

To re-valorize the brand, the president will need a national emergency to become the hero again, to show his quality. . . .