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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where's the Blind Defense of Notre Dame?

Yesterday, I posted a suggestion to do some small act of penance for the crimes committed by people in the name of the Blessed Mother. I made no reference as to whether it was about Ave Maria, Notre Dame, or other ones like Madonna blaspheming the Blessed Mother on the feast of the Assumption.

Incidentally, besides being the feast of the Queen of Poland, it was also the 70th anniversary of WWII, and Germany's attack on Poland. (No coincidence that they did it on that day).

Some people thought I was only talking about Notre Dame, and I got to wondering for a moment about the people who have violently defended everything Ave Maria for the past 7 years. Where are they for Notre Dame? If those people who have hurled so much invective and spite at FUMARE for its analysis and coverage of things at Ave Maria meant what they said, they'd have been equally disgusted with FUMARE's commentary about Notre Dame. Instead, they jumped on board and threw rocks at the ND admin.

All of the same arguments apply to Notre Dame as they do for Ave Maria. So why was it OK to talk about the Notre Dame scandal, but it's not OK to talk about Ave Maria's?

Is it because Monaghan backs the RNC? Is it because the only moral issue is Pro Life?

Or, is it because the Vagina Monologues is somehow less excusable than lying or alleged fraud? What is it with you people that you blindly defend the AM administration, but won't do the same for a priest at Notre Dame?

And why was it OK for Ave people to talk about Notre Dame, but any talk about the Ave people is immediately jumped on as calumny, hate, etc?

When I grew up, I heard "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander." It's true, though, because any other way is insanity, or as PBXVI says, dictatorship of relativism. Sometimes I wish he'd have just used Richard Hoggart's moniker of 1997, the Tyranny of Relativism. But then when I think of the force with which many Ave grads have been hit, and the nasty hatred that is pummeled out of the blind defenders over the years, I realize that they are tyrannical dictators.

Why the double standard?