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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Recanting

Piotr and Ivan have been pressuring me for some time to correct a position I've oft stated that Russian Cossacks were only a little above gypsies in the order of contempt for which one should have for them. I had the impressions passed along of them cooperating with the Red Army and being instrumental in the subduing of the Russian people by Stalin.

On that last point, however, I have been gravely mistaken, having finally capitulated that Stalin had made concerted efforts to permanently rid Russia of the cossacks. I had always chocked that up to a broken clock being right twice a day. I didn't look at it from the angle that they represented a social collective that would not cooperate with the party line, but rather, represented a threat to Stalin's violently imposed homogeneity of opinion among the commoners. Moreover, I only recently came to believe the historical accounts of certain non-negligible numbers of cossacks who fought on the white army to stop the bolsheviks.

Granted, the position of the Stalinists to vigorously pursue the decossackization of Russia as being motivated by their independent judgment and adherence to the faith carried the most weight. They may have been mistaken who helped the red army, but I can almost express a solidarity of spirit with that historical account of them, which more closely matches the stories of old about them.

Sort of like in our era, and particular to us, I saw people who I admire mistaken about Monagahan back in 2002, 3, 4, 5, up to the ridding of Rice, but they caught on. Maybe the cossacks were like that -- having had problems with Nicolas II, and suspending judgment, they thought the bolsheviks meant what they said. Many people in the AMSoL saga have been frozen by the rhetoric of the kool aid side, too, having to wait to see.

Thus, I remove and recant of any prior anathema I may have uttered on the cossacks. My decision is in no way influenced by Piotr's sister. I still reserve, however, my opinion that, as with the gypsies, one ought to hide the women, the booze, and one's money when cossacks arrive.