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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Think the Republican Heathcare Plan is any Better

I've had a post here or there about the health care "reform" topic, but I wanted to see if anyone would recognize something that I saw early on. I said it was an insurance company bailout to help the bankrupt big health companies, like the Hartford, MetLife, and the others who are functionally bankrupt.

But the idea of compulsory, "private option" insurance was already tried. It even had a state funded floor where people who earn less than 3 times the Federal poverty line get state-funded insurance, even dental coverage.

All the features of the national program. Sure, a little different in some minor points, but essentially the same.

In 2006, Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney did it. George Bush praised it (even check out the NPR picture to the right from when Romney announced the fascist health care program). What's scarier is that the Heritage Foundation did, too.

What were they thinking? Oh, I forgot, they can't do any wrong. FOXNews said so.

But wait, all the features they gripe about today, such as a tax penalty for those who are determined to be able to afford health insurance, but didn't buy it, exist in Massachusetts. The Republicans did it.

And Mitt Romney is the likely candidate??? Keep a hand on your wallet because he can take your cash just as fast as Obama.

I guess the point of my posting this, is 1) the Republicans and Obama seem to be alike in many ways; 2) we aren't safe just because the Republicans are in office; and, 3) we have an objective model of this omnibus-type health care reform.

In Mass, they already have Canada like ER conditions, long lines, ridiculous appointment gaps, and a budget shortfall. It's great. Thanks RNC for letting us see that the socialized health system doesn't work. It doesn't work in Mass, it won't work in the U.S.

Where are the FOX fanboys like the wallbanger, O'pithy, and the golfer these days on this topic? Why won't they call out Romney sheer and utter disregard of sense to install a financiers dream? Why is it right for Romney and wrong for Obama?

That's all I want really, is for people to recognize that Obama isn't a progressive - he's a financiers dream team man. In fact, I think it's fair to say that some features of the Obama proposition make more sense than what Romney did.