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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bernie didn't resign. FUMARE Fired him.

I am appalled by the propaganda out there that tries to show that Dobranski resigned. FUMARE, source of all that Monaghan calls evil (or terrorist -- remember this?), took his little pet hostage and demanded his resignation. Get your facts straight people!

And stop talking about funding being the reason the law school isn't on campus. They couldn't put the law school on campus because of FUMARE.

So far the search teams have scoured every bathroom for an adequate replacement but we may just be stuck with what we've got for now.

UPDATE: I know all of you are waiting with bated breath for the results of the search committee's hunt for a new dean, but look, we at FUMARE (i.e. one of "those blogs" for which AMSOL is quick to blame its maladies) already have our pick in mind. We have demanded that the search committee be formed merely as a public gesture of due diligence in these days of heightened scrutiny. Mono-a-mono, between you and FUMARE, I'll tell you who it's gonna be. shhh! you can't tell anyone, but it's gonna be Milhizer. Keep that under your hat or else FUMARE might change its mind and make it be someone else.

UPDATE 2: And for those of you who read the comments, you might have noticed that the composition of the faculty these days is a function of FUMARE power at its finest. FUMARE hires and fires adjuncts, even before you knew they were adjuncts.

UPDATE 3: I'd like to point out to you dollar-chums that you tried telling Collumcile his post about the dean's resignation was immoral. I don't see any of you whiners apologizing to him for the nasty crap you stuffed in his comment box when he posted it.

UPDATE 4: Several corroborating emails received on the tip line indicate that earlier this year, in May, and in response to the suggestion that the U.S.News law school ranking disaster is FUMARE's bidding (told you), Dean Milhizer (sub nomen appellare FUMARE), wrote a two page report of achievements the law school made in the previous academic year that should, instead of the FUMARE-ruined law school rank, be reported. In the spirit of accommodating our appointee, we list some of those accomplishments here, penned by Milhizer himself to the alumni board:

I'll add that the list above were the "tangible accomplishments." The intangibles included building a stronger sense of community.

See... I told you Milhizer is the man.

More to follow.