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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Now the Ministerial Abstention motion makes sense

I was dumbfounded for a way to reconcile Monaghan's and Dobranski's statements of the law school being independent of the Catholic Church with the now claimed unity required to obtain the clerical ministerial indulgences of civil law.

You've seen my posts -- there is no reconcilliation if we understand them to mean the Catholic Church, that is, the one with the successor of Peter. No, that doesn't make sense, but that's when it hit me, Ad maijorem Monaghani gloriam!

They don't mean that Catholic Church!!!!! They mean the version Tom and Bernie created that reconciles utility under the pro life cover. The Church of Tom which is more CATHOLIC than any other Catholic place... In my opinion, it all makes sense. It was at that point that an angel came and delivered a prayer card with these words:


The Founder's Creed
I believe in Tom, the Founder Almighty, creator of the schools and the town,
and of all party lines, written or unwritten.

I believe in one brand, Ave Maria, the only begotten brand of Tom. begotten of Tom before all other so-called catholic places. Orthodox of orthodoxy, conservative of conservatives, very brand of catholic brands, of one substance with the Founder, by Whom all we say is determined.

Who, for us peons and our salvation, came down from his Lions sky box and was incardinated in Southeast Michigan, and was made in glossy print; and was crucified for us by the liberal press and the other people who aren't true believers, like the terrorists and democrats; He recapitulated, saw a profit in Florida, removed his area impact study in order to be denied planning; in the third year He rose the plans again in Florida, according to the agenda he set in 2001; he ascended into Naples and sits sits at the right hand of Patron Collier but in the town of Marco; He will come again and again with PR and attorneys to judge the peons, the terrorists, and the naysayers.

And I believe in his PR Machine, the word and destroyer of adverse facts; who proceeds from the Founder and the Brand; who with the Founder and the Brand is to be blindly adhered; and is spoken by the now favored ones.

And I believe in one, unified, universal, and violently defended party line. I acknowledge one chance to be on the Founder's good side; and I look for a mortgage free property in the town, as well as a chance to vote. Amen.

On the back side is an unrecognized picture (sorry, I don't have a camera or scanner), with little children saluting an image of Tom in the sky over the oratory, and this pledge:
I pledge allegiance to the Founder
and the great town and schools he founded
and to his whims
for which we act
one religion
under Tom
with one will and PR message for all.