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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Folks need to get their facts straight. The blogs are what do everything bad. FUMARE, in particular, has single-handedly destroyed whole institutions.

FUMARE didn't like Fr. Fessio, and we put the administrative hit on him. Monaghan, in his pesky pride, is just trying to take credit for it by craftily blaming the University Chairman.

You've heard it before, nothing bad happens without being caused by FUMARE. This time, it was the AMU board that claims to have gotten rid of Fessio. Last time, Monaghan did it himself. It doesn't matter to FUMARE who did the dirty work, as long as the contracts get done.

American Papist got it wrong (and they should know better because it is part of the destructive force of bloging). AveWatch got it wrong, too -- and we all know that AveWatch is the secret base camp of academic terrorism.

Well, FUMARE is tired of all the PR that shifts blame onto meaningless factors like Monaghan or Boards, or management, and is taking it on the chin for the team! We are team players!!!

Even two years ago, the seeds of this great lie were planted, when Whispers in the Loggia reported that a meeting between Fessio and Monaghan resulted in Fessio being fired.

There's no telling how much money AMU had to pay Fessio to blame them instead of FUMARE, but it's surely part of the settlement between them.

All these crooked blogs are craftily shifting blame onto Monaghan, when in fact, FUMARE FIRED him. U.S. News and World Reports realizes it. That's why the law school has such a low rank. Somebody needs to clue Brian Leiter in, though.