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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ave Maria School of Law

I assume you're all reading Avewatch. Good stuff recently. The note about Rice is classic. Can't wait for more Post-Its to become public. That's gold, Jerry, gold!

I've been busy with work and not-work, and one assumes Big T is otherwise engaged, but please tell your family and friends to keep up with all doings Ave. We especially invite informed comments to keep us up to date. And speaking of being up to date, I just received confirmation that the availability of the Vineyards campus on Day One-F(la) is a long-shot. It's just so far from being ready as of, well, today. So that will be a fun story to follow. Is there a Cleary across the street in which they can hold classes for the first month or so? (Answer: No.) Minimal parking, too. We all see the humor in that, right?

Let's see, what else? Sonne seems to be working for a firm in Cali. The class schedule hasn't been made public yet (one wonders if it has even been finalized), but he may be a total no-show in FLA. He only showed up in AA last year when the ABA was visiting. To teach a class on employment ethics. You can't make this stuff up. And he was caught in a three-way make-out session with T$M and the Dean in the downstairs hallway. (You can make that up. I just did!!1!) Sonne seems to have had all his bases covered. One wonders if he had inside info re the very real possibility that the school would have closed had ABA approval for the move not been granted.

Big news in the lawsuit, which I can't tell you. But it goes on.

There is a Monaghan Museum at the AMT piazza (sp?) (get it?), as one of our commenters mentioned. Lots of tiger sculptures. Well, two, as memory serves. Same number as stuffed turkeys at Chez L's. And L would be interested to know that there is a nearby casino in the slums of Immokalee. And Publix is a really good grocery. I heard T$M and Barron Collier are covering their losses for the first few years. Condoms are available behind the counter, but one has to request them. I actually consider this a win. They compromised to us, for a change. The Oratory isn't horrible. The sanctuary is unfinished. How they choose to complete it will determine whether it's lame or rather neat. (Has anyone seen the previews for that creepy little kid movie? Is that Thorncrown she firestarters?) The outside of the Oratory is weird, though. I hope they finish the outbuilding-type buildings in stone.

Okay, a little more. AMT is huge, but not at all built up. Which makes the small developments seem smaller and isolated. And I saved a turtle there. Does that make me an American hero? Well, "hero" is your word, but yes. And thank you.