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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, June 08, 2009

More Cooley Law School - Ann Arbor Reaction

AveWatch has some interesting analysis about the news that Cooley Law School will be taking over the AMSL building in Ann Arbor. What is particularly humorous is how Cooley is crowing about how Ann Arbor is "one of the most desirable places to live in America" and a place of great demand for law students:
Ann Arbor is considered one of the most desirable places to live in America, along with being one of America's great university cities. It has a bustling business sector, particularly in technology, and a lively arts and entertainment culture.

Cooley's facility is located very near to the University of Michigan's north campus and is just a few minutes from downtown Ann Arbor and the University's main campus.
The Ann Arbor Campus includes a small class size, low student to faculty ratio, caring and accessible professors who are dedicated to helping students learn, a fully-functioning law school building, easy access from two major limited-access highways, and easy access to downtown Ann Arbor's great restaurants, arts, and entertainment venues.

We chose this location because it had already been established that a law school of that size was feasible there, because there are two major universities in the area that produce on average over a thousand graduates per year with only a small number enrolling in the University of Michigan Law School, and because the area is one of the best known and most desirable university and business communities in the country.

We anticipate that students will choose this location over other national locations.
And from the Ann Arbor News:
"We have already received deposits from 84 students confirming their position in the incoming September class in Ann Arbor," Paul Zelenski, associate dean for enrollment and student services at Cooley, said in the release. "The level of interest among these existing applicants demonstrates how desirable an Ann Arbor location is for a law school.

"Because a law school had already operated successfully at this location, we were confident that applicants would find it attractive," Zelenski said. "But we did not anticipate that we could nearly fill the first class without marketing the location at all."
Boy, this doesn't make Monaghan (or Feasibility Deans Reed and White) look very intelligent when it comes to evaluating law school locations.