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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Monaghan Wasted His Cash

The news about Cooley already signing 84 paid students for our old location really made me laugh.

Do Bernie, Tom, and now Eug really believe the horse$#|+ they shovel out? How do they sleep at night?

I say Uncle Tom wasted his money because it's apparent that, had he spent in Michigan what he dumped into Florida, north Ann Arbor and Plymouth would be hopping. Too bad old Tom got a bunch in his shorts when his first attempt to buy the AA Township trustee positions failed. So, like a three year old who was told no by his parents, he picked up his toys and went to buy an administrative zone in Florida. He forgot basic business: don't reinvent the wheel. But that's what they did in the retiree zone. Saving none of the economic efficiencies available in merely buying out people in Michigan, he's had to purchase and invest in a whole infrastructure that didn't exist before. What's so sad is that he didn't need to buy out the AA trustee spots, he only needed to retain the area impact study in the university plans when submitting to the P and Z board.

They weight of that inefficiency will show a visible toll, and in this blogger's opinion, already has.

But thanks to Tom, Cooley has a great location and a great infrastructure right there. I can't wait until one of the Ave crowd takes credit for Cooley's success at that location. Just wait, Tom's megalomania is too bloated not to slip such a gaffe out of his mouth at some point that Cooley owes him, if it isn't already written on a note somewhere.

UPDATES: It has been pointed out to me, and I agree, that all of the things Cooley is saying about the Ann Arbor location appears to be verbatim from Ave Maria literature circa 2000-2004 about the Ann Arbor location. Cooley understands economic efficiency better than Monaghan after all -- they didn't even have to buy marketing swag for the new location -- they just copied what was in the boxes left in the admissions office! BRILLIANT!

#2 is a rumor that I happen to think has some teeth -- it has been suggested that Cooley is leasing the building from Uncle Tom's Cabins, LLC (Tom Monaghan d/b/a Ave Maria Foundation, Inc, Managing Partner) until the Michigan Ed issued tax free bond debt is cleared. Would make sense, plus it gives Uncle Tom continued bragging rights about how Cooley owes him for its success because he first found that location for them. Too bad for Cooley... deal with the devil and all that.