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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, June 05, 2009

If you had a do-over... law school

This week's ABA Journal Weekly newsletter has the answers to a question, "If you had a do-over for law school."

The featured answer is this one:
Yes, I still would, but I would have gone to a MUCH cheaper school. Anyone who is thinking about law school -- please do more homework than I did!! I had always done well academically and thought that would easily translate into a $100k+ job for me right out of school. I did not really evaluate (a) how the standing of my law school would impact my job prospects, (b) the actual monthly payments I would have on my student loans ($1200 now with the lower interest rates), and (c) the real cost of living in an urban area compared to the more rural area where I went to college. I should have done more research [and I think my law school should have volunteered more information]. I love what I do, but my ability to buy a house (even in this market) and start a family are hampered by my student loans. If I had gone to the Tier 2 state school that accepted me, I would have 1/2 the loans that I have now, even if I had paid out of state tuition (~$14k per year at state school vs. ~$28k per year at the private school I actually attended).

I like my career and I am happy with the person that I am now. But financially speaking, I made a stupid decision. For me, it would be worth a do over to not have to make those student loan payments each month

So, how does that Tier 4 standing of AMSL translate?

What about you later classes? If you had a do-over would you do AMSoL?

BONUS QUESTION Since writing this post, I have been told that the school is saying that the US News ranking is not a critical factor (basically writing it off). This guy says he wishes his school had been more forthcoming. Do you think it's fair of AMSoL to diminish the economic impact of the ranking?