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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

FUMARE Information Network (FIN) report: avemarialawyer.com

Looks like an alumnus from the first class has decided to do what a different student from the inaugural class was allegedly sued, or threatened to be sued over, which is to make domains with the Monaghan Most Favored Brand.

See the Florida Bar Directory online here: Klucik

At least on June 20, that public directory lists the website for that entry as : http://www.avemarialawyer.com/ Perhaps a typo as the domain appears registered but not connected to any web page yet.

If this means that Mr. Klucik has made a firm for himself, then God speed and God bless!

It does seem like I heard something about one of the AMSoL inaugural class grads being bullied around for using a name like that. But, hey, given the address in the FL Bar page, they probably aren't going to mind much because there's commercial rent being paid, or it's the school's own tab. Kind of makes the Naples News designation of Klucik as the "School attorney" earlier this year make more sense that way.