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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Monaghan was Merely Blowing that Sunshine Into Nether Parts

Remember all that glitz and promise of a new Catholic mecca to put all other Catholic places to shame for their puny little existences? How all that cash was going to be rolling in?

The Tampa paper kept good notes and remembered that by now, the Monaghan scheme was told to be some 11,000 homes sold. They even have a great headline, "Ave Maria sales fall short of heavenly."

Why is it great? Because it has that dry undercut that compares all the hype Monaghan was shoving down the board members and school community's about his pet project and puts it back where all of us said it would be.

Sort of like all those promises he made in Michigan about the schools, no?

Well, as Thales reported, the real number is 500.

500 is 1/22 or less that 5% of projected sales. If the Ave Maria project was any other Monaghan venture, such as giving rent stipends to incoming law students if they live in an apartment complex where you need votes to get favorable trustees, the question would be "what am I getting for my money?" and Monaghan would cancel it without regard for the consequence, in my opinion.

If Thales source is correct and projections were 20,000, that's even less return than the Tampa source.

Any way you cut it, it's amazing that the entities give Monaghan infinitely more mercy to his crappy yields than he does to anything around him.

So, it looks like Uncle Tom appears unable to produce especially when it comes to cabins. Does that explain his fascination with big things?