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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, February 27, 2009

More News from AveWatch

There is some more interesting news over at AveWatch.

First, AveWatch has the rest of the story on the AMU Board member who recently resigned. It looks like the Board member will still be supportive of AMU, but he did set out a series of concerns about AMU (and which I find to be similar to those expressed many times by people associated with the college in Michigan and the law school). From the Naples News:
The school, [former Board member Melfa] said, has not paid enough attention to feedback....
Melfa also expressed worry about Ave Maria's financial situation, citing the five-year-old school's newness, high growth and reliance on Ave Maria town real estate.....
Another issue, Melfa said, is the schools relationship with the Catholic Diocese of Venice and Bishop Frank Dewane. Ave Maria is independent of the diocese, and needs formal approval to call itself a "Catholic university," as per church law.
Second, AveWatch analyzes Monaghan's deposition in the Ave Maria College wrongful termination lawsuit which is still ongoing.

Finally, let me take this time to remind everyone that tomorrow is the Fifth Annual Ave Maria University Gyrene Gala! If you're attending, let me wish you a hearty "Semper Fi!" (Last year, I posted about why Monaghan's hubris in naming AMU after the Marines bothers me.)