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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hindsight View: Ave Maria, Legionaries of Christ: Henchmen Only Give Palliative Care

An alternate title would be: Why FUMARE is a better friend of Monaghan than INCENSE, Dobranski, O'Bierne, or the others; and why Grisez and Allen are better friends to the Legionaries and Regnum Christi than the soothsayers from within: Henchmen Only Give Palliative Care

After considering Grisez's article posted by Thales concerning the situation of the LCs, I saw parallels to the situation at Ave Maria. Namely, here was Maciel who it is beyond contention had power to distribute and a society of people under religious vows to obedience and non disparagement of him. It really is the religious equivalent of what Monaghan appears to demand from his henchmen. After all, if you so much as question Monaghan, the people around you accuse you of sin. The only difference with the LCs is that they had the power of construing the vows to implicate you. Not only do you get labeled as a sinner, and uncharitable, but both of these organizations make regular practice of calling criticism, however reasonable it may be, as the devil's work and the people who question, as possessed or agents of Satan against their great work.

What's scary is that while the Ave world seems pretty closed, the LC world is far more closed. At least with Ave you could go to some parish outside of it and escape. For the people in Maciel's Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi to some extent, you have no outside escape! The LC priest is contained entirely. RC people suffer loss of social groupings, their priests, and assistance.

Troubled with the apparent similarities, I turned to an old and trusty practical guide on the catechism handed down to me. Unlike the modern catechism which approaches a bit too abstractly and from the clouds, this catechism is a nuts and bolts "how to" guide with some very pragmatic and practical examples. I looked up authority and got several pages about the responsibilities of direct and apparent authority.

This paragraph struck me most:
[...]The common weal, not the benefit of a single individual, or a few, should be their object, and they should be ready generously to sacrifice their own interests for the good of their subjects. [...] Those who are in authority must beware of acting unjustly, or of allowing themselves to be corrupted by bribes (Ex. 23:8). They must not favor the rich and powerful, and be induced to give unjust judgment, as was the unhappy Pilate. [...] [In the end, despite his attempts to placate, Pilate nonetheless got what he was afraid of anyway as he was banished to France].
So much for the leader. That section not only tells the story of the Florida move and what happened to the college and the law school (whose interests were being demanded to be served???) but it doesn't really discuss the phenomenon around the bad leader. Then I saw this section (referred to from the above) on dissemblance, lying, and flattery (nice).
Those are hypocrites whose lives are far from irreproachable. To feign sanctity in this manner is worse than to sin openly. They are like Satan, who can assume the form of an angel of light. Some appear very devout, they cross themselves and smite their breasts, but all the while, their thoughts are very far away; they are dissemblers. [for the teens and low LSATs, dissemblers = fakers]
Flattery consists of praising another immodestly to his face, against one's conviction, for the sake of advantage.
[...]The flatterer seeks his own advantage. He is like a cat which purrs, and the dog which fawns on his master to get a piece of meat. Crafty people cringe to others if they think anything can be gained. FLATTERERS FREQUENT THE PRESENCE OF THE RICH, for from the poor they can get nothing [...]
Flatterers praise immoderately, i.e., they ascribe excellences in a man which he does not possess, or they exaggerate his good qualities and palliate his misdeeds.
Palliate his misdeeds. Palliate. 1. make a disease or its symptoms less severe without removing the cause. 2. allay or moderate. 3. disguise the seriousness or gravity of an offense.
They are dangerous acquaintances, because they hide a man's faults, instead of endeavoring, as a true friend would, to correct them. It is a matter of indifference to them whether they do harm or good, if they only get themselves a favor [...] Flattery feeds sin as oil feeds a flame: it is a nursery of vice.
In this way FUMARE has done far more good for and been better friends to Monaghan than his henchmen. Monaghan doesn't want friends, though, he wants flatterers and dissemblers in order to preserve his public perception of being an angel of light, in this author's opinion.

So much for the familiar. Considering the reactions and dissembly of the LC since the evidence became irrefutable, it's obvious that, in this blogger's opinion, they are far more corrupted than what we've seen from the Moneyhand™ empire. Perhaps that's why they have all the same friends between them and seem to have very similar methods of dealing with public discovery of their sins. For years, the LC has outright denied and destroyed people bringing complaints. Sort of like how things work in the Moneyhand empire.

To consider what it means for the LC situation, imagine if tomorrow Monaghan was gone... do you think the empire would be clean and wholesome immediately? Hasn't his insistence on flatterers and dissemblers caused the problem to be systemic?

Now take that same systemic problem and wrap it in the brutality of the nondisclosure, nondisparagement settlements typical of the Moneyhand empire and consider that the LCs don't wait until you are leaving, but get the same agreements up front in a religious vow. How much more ingrained is that mess!

Moreover, consider how they treat people who leave: with ridicule, detraction, and calumny. They destroy the person. (and then preach on human dignity and parade their acts of PR charity) Dissenters and terrorists are what Mongahan called them. The Legionaries call their people hypochodriacs, imbalanced, and the like. Birds of a feather.

Considering all of this, it almost seems to me like Grisez's suggestions are a bit too light. but as far as the title of this post, it's obvious that Monaghan's reliance on palliation puts him in the same place as those getting palliative care in hospice: the disease isn't cured and the patient just dies with a happy morphine smile. So it is with these leaders that the flattery is the deodorant for the stench of corruption.

It is apparent that Grisez is trying to be a friend. But like FUMARE, he'll get thrown under the bus for it.

Just like we see happening with the Moneyhand™ Empire, without a true routing of the corruption, the LCs will rot from the inside unless something like Grisez's (or more) suggestion isn't headed.