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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Everything is fine... We're Great! How are you?

1000 word summary right here:

For the zip code or google challenged, zip 34142 covers Ave Maria, FL. roughly 290 sales in 2007. roughly 105 in 2008. One third. Yeah, that endowment is just soaring!!! Some may have forgotten that there were supposed to be about 1000 sold by close of 2007. Not only are sales down, but the price in zip 34142 (sorry no graphic for this), is down 33%. So in order for the endowment to grow at the predicted rate, the projections have to be increased by roughly 50%. The 33% reduction in price is not a 33% reduction cost after all.

But everything is fine! I wonder if KO had even looked at such stats before she listened to all that glossy swag Monaghan whipped out on her?

this next chart is for all of Collier County. It sort of shows that Monaghan's dreams of catching the housing bubble burst the sales bubble.

This next image makes me glad I am not a 20-something guy living in Ave Maria... ummm guys:gals(in the twenty something) is 5:1... Talk about slim pickins.. eesh.

UPDATE: update moved to separate post.