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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Body of Christ Has Legionaries of Christ Disease, but some say it's just a sniffle

There. Nobody else was saying it in the blog posts I've seen on the long overdue discussion of one of the larger problems in the Church in America, and it's name is Legion. As Thales' post of American Papist's observations of the Regnum Christi Mass he attended, they still put Maciel in the MASS. We're not talking about private devotion, but the Mass!

Surely they'd jest. But they don't. The image must still be conveyed and that image is that Maciel is boss, we are all perfect, and we must advance our mission by any means. Today those means are trying to mitigate their loss to one man and a flurry of PR designed to make most people think they are dealing with it, and that they can reform themselves (as if Legionnaires disease could cure itself).

Their Superior General, Fr. Alvaro writes a letter to them that is totally devoid of any mention of the cause of their suffering. That means anybody could insert whatever cause they want into it. Given what is said elsewhere, you can read that letter with the mind of an RC and see that his letter only continues to feed the delusion that the accusations are from devil people and Maciel is OK. Just a few years ago, in 2002 Maciel posted this statement to ABC News in which he expressed loving concern and basically made off like these false accusations were terribly hurting him. He twisted the whole mess back onto the men victimized and made them look crazy. Note the utter lie:
"before God and with total clarity of conscience I can categorically state that the accusations brought against me are false. I never engaged in the sort of repulsive behavior these men accuse me of, and nothing could be further from my way of dealing with others, as is evident to any of the thousands of legionaries who knows me."
Reread that statement again and this time realize that Maciel said this in 2002. Oh. And in case you think this mess was just about pedophilia and having children to mistresses, there were charges of drug use, not keeping the "military self discipline" always ascribed to him by the Regnum folks, and not saying his priestly office or following the orders own rules back in 1954. FUMARE linked to these docs in this post of Feb 3.
Lies, distortions, exaggerations, and deformations of the facts, are “habitual” with Fr. Maciel. The writer was Fr. Maciel's personal secretary for five years. On one occasion when I tried to point this out to him, [he said to me] that [I] was too naive and did not know how Superiores were supposed to act.
(link to whole doc) deformations of the facts. nice. from 1954. And, he already had that "attack the reasonable critic" thing down pretty sick by then. Imagine how refined such tactics had become 50 years later! Given his response above, lies, distortions, and deformations of fact were obviously still a habit to Maciel.

That doesn't even really get into the stupefying drugs part, but you can read that for yourself. The point here is that 50 years of a cult centered around focusing on him and everybody was shocked? Had they never heard of ReGain, exlcblog, and all of the others? Surely they knew of the accusations because you can read the RC and LC comments on these things. I say surely because they were quick to label the kid from the Cheshire video as a "hypochodriac."

Maciel taught them how to dispose of criticism, though. People who criticize the Legion are obviously just bitter they weren't good enough to be one. They are possessed. It is proof that they are God's chosen apostolate. etc... 50 years. 50 years of entrenched "deformations of fact".

Thales post singled out a line: "Lord, help us to adhere totally to the charism you inspired in our founder." What is the charism you ask? I tell you it is precisely what that personal secretary said in 1954: Their charism (habit) is: "deformation of facts to project a positive image and achieve Legion goals. (ends justify our means)." Some might call that fraud, and in fact I've heard some say that through the years that fraud seems to be their thing. Think about it. Why do all the LC priests look alike? Why do they have a synthetic mannerism about them? Image. They have to present the image that gets money in the door and advances the "movement."

Matt Abbott said last December that the "Legion had lost it" in its fight with Fr. Eutenuer of HLI. I say Matt was wrong -- the Legion did exactly what it set out to do -- make nice with Sean Hannity and secure their in roads at FOX. Moreover, the LC had to start making moves against HLI because LC/RC apostolates are becoming the front of the pro-life and Walk for Life movements. $$$$$

Were you swindled into a free viewing of that paper-thin movie Bella? They knock you for a donation and then tried to guilt you into paying for a full line theater ticket again? Once was enough for that crappy movie. But that's how they work.

It's a disease, and it needs to be eradicated from the body of Christ.

Pay attention to the press releases coming out of the LC. It's a menagerie of controlled statements -- this priest Berg professes "outrage" and wants an internal investigation. But pay attention to his letter, he wants the group preserved, and he wants the investigation to be handled by controlled means. That's like telling the robbers to turn the lights off on their way out.

Even the PR term being spun by the LC/RC of a "double life" -- that's how the Atlanta territorial director who leaked it spun it. Double life is crap -- 50 years worth? really? They say he shuttled funds to the women. He didn't reach in his pocket and pull cash out. He had to tap funds managed by accountants. They didn't notice?

The regnum christi member running the National Catholic Register, Tim Hoopes, was allowed to speak publicly on the matter -- he had to because the NCR is subscriber based. Antyhing less than a total recant on his part might affect income. $$$$ image control, you see.

And then the FOX News priest and the Rome correspondent priest showed up on the World Over. Even the timing of the "leak" is suspect to be timed on the wake of the Bishop Williamson mess. (see one theory here)

If you think this isn't orchestrated and carefully controlled process to control your emotions and reactions to them, you're nuts.

None of them suggest doing what Weigel's first things article really suggests which is an investigation by a guy apart from the "system" because 50 years of cover ups shows that the LC's are skilled at gaming the system.

The only upside to this is that its very easy to find LC/RC tools in the Catholic media these days.

All of the LC/RC PR have the surprise, shock, and even outrage, that show all of the synthetic emotions so that people can find whatever they are looking for, preserve income and operations, and keep the $$ moving in the movement, EXCEPT for a sincere expression of reform and an allowance for a process to reform them that might not be under their control.

This isn't some little problem contained in the life of Maciel -- it's a whole way of thinking and a charism he gave to an entire order. Kill the disease before it gets into the brain of the whole. Oh wait...

UPDATE: Baptists agree on the orchestration of LC/RC PR (btw... doesn't the LC logo look a lot like the Legatus one?)