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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Always our Founders

I was informed by FUMARE reader Al Paura that I need to give a hat tip to HiddenMysteries for using the disease moniker well before I did. It's worth it to re-read the Legionaries of Christ's official response:
“He is the founder and he always will be the founder of the order. That’s one of the mysteries that we all see in life is that sometimes good things come out of less than perfect human beings.”
The only mystery here is how they still think the rest of us are so clueless. Check out this quote from Fr. Fichter (who left the LCs 14 years ago):
“Father Maciel was this mythical hero who was put on a pedestal and had all the answers,” Father Fichter said. “When you become a Legionarie, you have to read every letter Father Maciel ever wrote, like 15 or 16 volumes. To hear he’s been having this double life on the side, I just don’t see how they’re going to continue.”
Check out Fr. Fichter's comments about the cash, too.

Another hat tip to madpriest, who dubbed it Legionaries Disease from the 4th as well. (comments there are worth a glance: " a double life? he was a bisexual priest, right? ... at least." And another that explains that they aren't so much powerful as they take advantage of the priest shortage to be available.)

What is literally amazing, however, is that although Regnum Christi claims to have 70,000 members, and there are 1300 seminarians, you see no evidence of them discussing their surprise, shock and dismay on the internets anywhere. The deafening silence does seem to implicate the whole controlled speech thing and fear of saying the wrong message -- even despite Fr. Berg's admonition that they should. at pt. 4. (why would he have to write they were "free" to talk to anyone if they weren't controlled? and why was it "embargoed" if this is all transparent?).

Surely they'd have some open discussion among 70,000 people if they weren't afraid to talk or if they were truly surprised. 70,000.

Be sure to also check out this piece about ZENIT so that you read their releases eyes wide open.