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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

$3 million for a 3 story sculpture in lieu of a law school

Naples News reported last week that Monaghan has commissioned a Carrera marble scuptire of the Blessed Mother in bas relief to be made for his birthday. They imported 80 tons of marble from Italy.

Estimated cost is $3 million. (but some say it will cost 6 million before it's done because other building projects there cost twice what is projected).

I'm not complaining about making a nice thing for the Blessed Mother, but it's not for the Blessed Mother, and they tell places like the law school they have no money to put them on campus as they promised. Always a prevarication with them (in my opinion).

Rather than tell everyone that the new law school campus was moved the second time to the Vineyards campus because Tom can't dump the property and needs to put something on it to sink the land costs, they say it was always meant to be at Vineyards and forget they promised to be at Ave Town. In my opinion, it's a prevarication.

The law students should be happier to be located in a place with stores and grocery, but it should be reminded over and over again that the law school was to be moved to the Ave Town. Then it was said, there was no money to put the law school in Ave Town because we have no funds to build buildings.

It may be true they don't have money for the law school to build the building Monaghan promised, but that doesn't mean there isn't the money -- it means Monaghan's multi-million dollar carrera marble sculpture birthday gift is more important than the promises to the law school.

Get used to it AMSoL, you're fourth class sloppy seconds within the Ave hierarchy no matter what you are promised. Tom's ego first. Tom's whims second. University big things third. You fourth, after the janitor is paid. It's better to be fourth class anyway as that will match being driven to the bottom of fourth tier.