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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rumor Resurfaces

For the past 20 years, rumors of imminent regularization of SSPX have occasionally bubbled. There is one quite active circulating that pp.BenedictXVI has already signed the deal and awaits the moment to announce. It's also worthy to note that the 25th of this month marks the 50th anniversary of the invocation of Vatican II.

I'm happy if it's true, but I know my SSPX bretheren well enough to know that they won't be happy yet and won't know what to do with this. So, they'll still bellyache with the expectation that Russia has yet to be consecrated and lean on the pope to release the alleged remaining secret of Fatima. (they don't know much about Russia other than what Gruner says... Russia's totally different these days, but tell them because they need something to keep them ahead of everyone else).

I'm expecting the SSPV and independents to immediately rail on the SSPX for selling out.

Despite the likely ongoing mess, I'll be very happy if it's real this time. Just the fact that I'm talking about it after nearly ignoring these rumors for the last fifteen years if not longer is enough to indicate that I think there's some actual heft this time. There's also some heft because the EU secular press is describing the alleged move as "admitting an anti-Semitic bishop and holocaust denier back to the Church." I don't think they'd already be slinging the lies if they didn't see some heft, too.

I do hope that if a media release is made, it is also mentioned in terms of the Vat II anniversary, and with a commendation that they turn their attention to getting the independents back to sanity.