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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Promising Star Heavily Recruited

Ousted Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich just hit the market today and we have it on good word that he is being heavily recruited by several institutions for his leadership, ability to stick to a communications theme, and his bold faced capacity to be convincing in the face of adverse situations. Some of the entities looking to have him on board also admire his operational skills and ability to "get things done." One recruiter said his performance at depositions is far more convincing than the "I can't remember my own address" routine used by certain Chairmen, which has drawn the interest of that organization to get him onboard immediately.

So, here's your chance FUMARE readers to tell the recruiters where he'd fit best!

Some heavy speculation centers around the idea that Monaghan will appoint him as Ethics Chairman somewhere but others are saying that he has a pretty good package offered to him from an unnamed DC-based conservative website as a deposition coach. What have you heard?*

*- CAVEAT COMMENTER. Already anticipating the "he already writes for FUMARE" and other maladjusted remarks we'd get, I thought I'd tell everyone that I offered a spot on FUMARE to Rod and he said he could do no better than us, but even if he could, he would rather apply his talents shaping up these places with access to some money.


A saavy FUMARE reader pointed out to me that this job listing (reported on FUMARE here) was still outstanding: