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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FUMARE's Best Henchman Award Call for Nominees

We all know that being a henchman in the Monaghan empire has little reward beyond continued expectation of saying the right thing and stroking the ego of the Founder.

Many of these people have exchanged their credibility, or even their conscience, in exchange for a mediocre salary.

Others have really separated themselves from the pack and stood out from the rest of the nameless henchpersons in the past year. And yet, despite all their efforts, all glory goes to the Founder!

We here at FUMARE want them to get the recognition they won't get from their leader!

There are many examples of such heroism and sacrifices made in the good name of the Founder, and here is the place to too the horn for these people. Some of the people aren't even on PAYROLL! (that's awesome for the founder because he didn't even have to pay them anything!)

Maybe you saw an alumni make a comment in the press. Maybe you saw a trite response from an employee of the Great Empire that didn't even pass the straight face test but was said with such gusto, that you know the catered event that henchmen was allowed to attend wasn't enough praise for the price they paid in the struggle for the greater glory of Monaghani.

Tell us your favorite henchman story!!!!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: I am the final arbiter and authority on this award. I will accept suggestions for the name of the award and the actual award itself, which are yet to be determined. By participating, you are not endorsing the Kingdom Monaghan or its endeavors. FUMARE is not responsible for plaintiff cries of itching anatomy caused by this award process. Cash value is 1/200 of one cent. VOID where prohibited by law.