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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama...

I married my better half not long ago, and four of the five men who stood by my side that day either have served or will shortly serve our country in Iraq. Two leave soon after the new year; two have returned safely. The fifth is also a member of the armed forces, and may deploy at some future date. And each of these five men supports Sen. McCain, despite the promise of Sen. Obama to leave Iraq on a preconceived timetable one could reasonably argue is sooner than what might occur should McCain become president.

The honor that motivates these men, and the thousands of men and women who serve with them, is explained simply and profoundly by one of their fellow servicemen in the following video. I was unprepared for the strength of this video, which was brought to my attention today by the Drudge Report. I hope you will watch it in its entirety, and then share it with those who might need just one more reason to support Sen. McCain on Tuesday.

Fumed by Ryder at 11:31 PM. |

Another Catholic Politician Needs CCD Classes

Following in the steps in those "ardent, practicing" Catholics Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm recently supported Proposoal 2, a proposition which would expand human embryo stem cell research in Michigan, saying:
As a Catholic, I can say to be pro-cure is to be pro-life.
Thankfully, the local bishop Earl Boyea directed the following response at Governor Granholm:
Of course Catholics and all other responsible citizens will continue to seek cures for disease and injury, but to imply that proposal two is a valid expression of Catholic principles is shocking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Saint Paul reminds us that we must preach the truth in season and out of season. The truth will never go unspoken. To be in favor of proposal two is not to be pro life. A well formed Catholic conscience would never lead a person to support proposal two as a Catholic.
HT: American Papist

Fumed by Thales at 9:12 AM. |

Yes, a Conscientious Catholic Can Vote for McCain

Over at Jimmy Akin's blog, "SDG" has a very thorough and well-reasoned multi-part argument regarding the issues facing a conscientious Catholic who is voting in the presidential election. McCain is not a perfect candidate when it comes to his stance on embryonic stem cell research and other moral questions. Because of this, some Fumare commenters have implied that a vote for McCain is therefore morally problematic and it would be better to vote for a third-party candidate.

SDG faces this head on and convincingly argues that, in any contest between two or more viable candidates, it is always morally legitimate to support and vote for the candidate one regards as the preferable or least problematic viable candidate. SDG argues that the contrary position that one cannot support the least problematic candidate unless he or she is free of all support for intrinsically evil policies is not supported by Catholic moral theology. Of course, SDG acknowledges that there may be legitimate reasons to vote for a nonviable, third-party, "quixotic" candidate. However, SDG argues that "one can never rightly claim that it is morally necessary not to vote for any viable candidate, or that those who do support or vote for the least problematic viable candidate are (however sincerely) objectively wrong to do so." SDG goes on to say that some of the vocal third-party-candidate advocates who loudly argue that they can't vote for the imperfect McCain in good conscience are actually doing a great disservice because these advocates "could help peel away critical support from McCain in battleground states, thereby indirectly contributing to an Obama victory. Morally speaking, this is not the same as actually supporting or voting for Obama, but the outcome for the common good of the country is no better for that."

Check out the whole argument. SDG's argument starts here with Part 1. In Part 6, SDG takes on the position of the third-party-candidate advocates.

Fumed by Thales at 8:33 AM. |

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Evidence that a Democratic President Isn't Going to Reduce Abortions

In order to defend a vote for Obama and against McCain, commenters here at Fumare and elsewhere have argued that since the abortion rate went down during the 1990s under Clinton, a Democratic presidency will reduce abortions.

The Public Discourse has an article thoroughly refuting this claim, pointing out that the decline in abortions during the Clinton years was due to pro-life state legislation.
For instance, the 1990s decline in the abortion rate--a decline that is eagerly touted by these Obama and Kerry supporters--had virtually nothing to do with policies enacted by President Clinton, and much to do with the dramatic increase in the number of states that were enacting pro-life laws. The information below comes from NARAL's Who Decides, an annual publication which provides information about abortion legislation:

- In 1992, virtually no states were enforcing informed-consent laws; by 2000, 27 states had informed-consent laws in effect.

- In 1992, no states had banned or restricted partial-birth abortion; by 2000, twelve states had bans or restrictions in effect.

- In 1992, only 20 states were enforcing parental-involvement statutes; by 2000, 32 states were enforcing these laws.

Furthermore, there is plenty of evidence which suggests that these and other types of pro-life legislation have been effective at reducing the incidence of abortion.
The article also cites several studies which suggest that abortion rates will go up when this pro-life legislation is struck down, which is exactly what Obama has promised to do.

Fumed by Thales at 9:04 AM. |

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Motivational Poster

This recently came across the desk of Fumare's editors. We hope you will enjoy.

Fumed by Tommy More at 12:03 PM. |

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not just Kmiec, but UFOs are coming to Obama's Side

Self-proclaimed Prophet Yahweh, a master UFO caller, who has performed the fine art of making a UFO appear for a television newscaster, proclaims that "on October 31, 2008, superhuman black men, from other planets, will appear in their spaceships and hover over his UFO Summoning School for three days as a sign that all Americans should vote for Obama as President."

He sounds more rational than Kmiec. See the press release here.

I think, however, these superhuman black men have things backwards, says the prophet,"YAHWEH wants people to know that if Barak Obama does not become President, America will quickly be led into a war with Russia via Iran that will result in: a cut off of oil from the Persian Gulf, a great depression, stock market crash, runaway inflation, devaluation of the dollar, food shortages, riots, famine, race wars, out breaks of disease, etc." See alternate news story on this event here. and here.

B.H.O. will get us in war with Russia in a heartbeat, as it is Zbigniew Brzezinski steering his ship. Brezinski's ideas of domestic policy are interesting, believing that society should be "dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control." Brzezinski, Zbigniew. Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era. New York: Penguin Books, 1976. At least one author, Webster G. Tarpley, claims that the troubles in South Ossetia were the work of Brzezinski and Soros. (see, e.g., Obama- The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate or this blog post on the book).

Oh well... at least the aliens will come to save us SPACESHIPS FOR OBAMA!

see more fascinating titles at this blog post. such as "Obama Against The Coming Revolution", "Obama Against The Invisible Government" and "
Obama Against Replacing Constitution"...

Meanwhile, also check out the MTV videos warning of upcoming holocaust / martial law.

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 6:58 PM. |

Monday, October 20, 2008

This Guy's Good.

Archbishop Chaput is serious about making his voice heard on the most important issue of this election -life. There is too much good stuff to quote from his address to ENDOW, and the Archbishop is careful to make clear that he speaks in his own personal capacity, and not as a representative of the Church in this address, but here are some choice quotes (hat-tip Zenit) :

Prof. Kmiec has a strong record of service to the Church and the nation in his past. He served in the Reagan administration, and he supported Mitt Romney's campaign for president before switching in a very public way to Barack Obama earlier this year. In his own book he quotes from "Render Unto Caesar" at some length. In fact, he suggests that his reasoning and mine are “not far distant on the moral inquiry necessary in the election of 2008." Unfortunately, he either misunderstands or misuses my words, and he couldn't be more mistaken.

I believe that Senator Obama, whatever his other talents, is the most committed "abortion-rights" presidential candidate of either major party since the Roe v. Wade abortion decision in 1973. Despite what Prof. Kmiec suggests, the party platform Senator Obama runs on this year is not only aggressively "pro-choice;" it has also removed any suggestion that killing an unborn child might be a regrettable thing. On the question of homicide against the unborn child -- and let's remember that the great Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer explicitly called abortion "murder" -- the Democratic platform that emerged from Denver in August 2008 is clearly anti-life.

Prof. Kmiec argues that there are defensible motives to support Senator Obama. Speaking for myself, I do not know any proportionate reason that could outweigh more than 40 million unborn children killed by abortion and the many millions of women deeply wounded by the loss and regret abortion creates.

To suggest -- as some Catholics do -- that Senator Obama is this year's "real" pro-life candidate requires a peculiar kind of self-hypnosis, or moral confusion, or worse. To portray the 2008 Democratic Party presidential ticket as the preferred "pro-life" option is to subvert what the word "pro-life" means. Anyone interested in Senator Obama's record on abortion and related issues should simply read Prof. Robert George's essay of earlier this week, "Obama's Abortion Extremism," at thepublicdiscourse.com. It says everything that needs to be said.

Of course, these are simply my personal views as an author and private citizen. But I'm grateful to Prof. Kmiec for quoting me in his book and giving me the reason to speak so clearly about our differences. I think his activism for Senator Obama, and the work of Democratic-friendly groups like Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, have done a disservice to the Church, confused the natural priorities of Catholic social teaching, undermined the progress pro-lifers have made, and provided an excuse for some Catholics to abandon the abortion issue instead of fighting within their parties and at the ballot box to protect the unborn.

And here's the irony. None of the Catholic arguments advanced in favor of Senator Obama are new. They've been around, in one form or another, for more than 25 years. All of them seek to "get beyond" abortion, or economically reduce the number of abortions, or create a better society where abortion won't be necessary. All of them involve a misuse of the seamless garment imagery in Catholic social teaching. And all of them, in practice, seek to contextualize, demote and then counterbalance the evil of abortion with other important but less foundational social issues.

This is a great sadness. As Chicago's Cardinal Francis George said recently, too many Americans have "no recognition of the fact that children continue to be killed [by abortion], and we live therefore, in a country drenched in blood. This can't be something you start playing off pragmatically against other issues."

Meanwhile, the basic human rights violation at the heart of abortion -- the intentional destruction of an innocent, developing human life -- is wordsmithed away as a terrible crime that just can't be fixed by the law. I don't believe that. I think that argument is a fraud. And I don't think any serious believer can accept that argument without damaging his or her credibility. We still have more than a million abortions a year, and we can't blame them all on Republican social policies. After all, it was a Democratic president, not a Republican, who vetoed the partial birth abortion ban -- twice.

The truth is that for some Catholics, the abortion issue has never been a comfortable cause. It's embarrassing. It's not the kind of social justice they like to talk about. It interferes with their natural political alliances. And because the homicides involved in abortion are "little murders" -- the kind of private, legally protected murders that kill conveniently unseen lives -- it's easy to look the other way.

The one genuinely new quality to Catholic arguments for Senator Obama is their packaging. Just as the abortion lobby fostered "Catholics for a Free Choice" to challenge Catholic teaching on abortion more than two decades ago, so supporters of Senator Obama have done something similar in seeking to neutralize the witness of bishops and the pro-life movement by offering a "Catholic" alternative to the Church's priority on sanctity of life issues. I think it's an intelligent strategy. I also think it's wrong and often dishonest.

It's curious that nobody seems to worry about the "separation of Church and state," or religious interference in the public square, when the religious voices that speak up support a certain kind of candidate. In his book, Prof. Kmiec complains about the agenda and influence of what he terms RFPs -- Republican Faith Partisans. But he also seems to pay them the highest kind of compliment: imitation. If RFPs are bad, is it unreasonable to assume that DFPs -- Democratic Faith Partisans -- are equally dangerous?

Read the rest of this talk. Buy Chaput's book. Vote for life.

Fumed by TheLawDog at 1:34 PM. |

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Good Question . . . The Rest is B.S.

Really good distortions and lies are usually wrapped in a truth or partial truth.

Here is the truth part. Kmiec states that Republicans have narrowly said:

". . . The only way to be pro-life is to be focused on the institution of the Supreme Court of the United States."

I have always found the argument that we need to elect Republican Presidents to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court to over turn Roe, to be the most obtuse strategy possible for ending abortion.

I'm not agreeing with Kmiec's arguments for Obama, which have been blasted very well here most recently.

However, I don't understand why a legislative strategy like the Sanctity of Human Life Act has not been more widely supported by pro-life leaders. Why isn't this legislation a topic of debate. Why does it always boil down to Supreme Court nominations?

A friend once said, that the pro-life movement is kind of like being the ugly girl at the dance: you don't care too much who is asking you to dance, you are just glad some one has come along and you are dancing, so glad in fact, that you allow a few illicit gropes from the fella on the floor.

Doesn't it kind of feel like we are being had?

Fumed by Columcille at 11:21 PM. |

Friday, October 17, 2008

Just Brilliant!

This is the best John McCain has ever done.

Part 1

Part 2

Comparing McCain and Obama's performance (one, two), it affirms that Liberals do not have a sense of humor. They have bitterness and can make witty digs, but completely lack a sense of the divine order out of which can spring true good humor. Obama's humor is mean spirited and his closing comments are just bull.

Just compare the awareness of McCain vs. Obama for the presence and principle of the Catholic Church and especially the Cardinal.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alumni Board Elections 2008 Ticket

Similar to last year's Alumni Board elections, some alumni have put together a ticket for this year's elections. See the ticket here at voteavelaw08.blogspot.com.

Fumed by Tommy More at 12:00 PM. |

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Chief Justice Roberts, he funny.

Fumed by Boko Fittleworth at 10:25 PM. |

Robbie George: "Pro-Life" Obama Supporters Are Delusional

Prof. Robert George has a complete and thorough analysis of Obama's abortion extremism. As the Mirror of Justice blog puts it, it is "a must read for every voter who is conscientiously and faithfully attempting to assess the presidential candidates."

Update: Here is another link to the George article if the first one doesn't work.

Fumed by Thales at 12:05 PM. |

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open Thread: Alumni Board Elections

Ave Maria Law Alumni Board election ballots have been mailed and the candidates' profiles have been emailed to alumni. Any thoughts on the candidates and where they stand? Any questions for the candidates? Any comments from the candidates themselves? Discuss away.

Fumed by Thales at 7:38 PM. |

Hillary on SCOTUS... Connecticut is now Degeneres..and more

Bill kicks dirt as Obama (aka B.O.) and Hillary kiss again. Abortion racketeers want Obama to be pres so he'll put Hillary on SCOTUS. see Wash Times article here.

The two women pictured are not Unitarian ministers, rather, Connecticut makes Ellen happy, and the two women on the left are now "married." see more short hair pics and court "rationale" here. There seems to be some irony in the name "Mock."

Russia being sued by gays for because they can't even have gay "pride" parades, much less any delusions of "marriage" lest Russia be defiled merely by the act.

But, lucky for this 600lb guy that he lived in a trailer, as opposed to a brick house that would be difficult to cut!

Bookies stop taking bets on alien event planned for today, worried they may have to pay out millions if aliens actually land tonight.

There is some hope that folks still have some sense as Howard Stern is apparently losing audience -- or is he to be replaced by something worse?

Er, strike that, as a Florida man, is sentenced to jail time for refusing homeowner association's demand to sod brown lawn. I'm not sure what is worse... that the court case had "expert" witness fees or that, as the guy says himself, "Should I go out and rob a bank? Then I'd be back here," he said. "But then I'd get out on bail."

Meanwhile, Tom Monaghan sent me a personal 4-page letter today wherein he begs me to send him cash in order to "seal a bond" with him. Yes, the quote is direct. It's from the underlined and bolded paragraph at the end of the letter where he also promises to "send something special" to me if I "seal a bond" with him. *puke*

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 6:07 PM. |

Any News About the ABA Visit to Ave Maria Law?

There are reports that the ABA will be visiting Ave Maria School of Law on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. Also, apparently Professor Jim Sonne is on leave from his regular work as a law clerk to US Circuit Judge Edith Brown Clement (5th Cir.) and at the law school in order to teach a special 3-day class to students.

Anyone care to share the school-wide announcement emails or otherwise comment on these happenings at AMSOL? Or if you want, you can send me a note at thalesthegreek-at-gmail-dot-com. Your confidentiality is strictly assured.

Fumed by Thales at 10:44 AM. |

Ave Maria Town Loses Its Innocence

AveWatch reports that Ave Maria Town has lost its innocence.

First, the jewelry store located right next to the Ave Maria oratory in the downtown "piazza" was robbed Saturday by two men with guns. The suspects, their faces covered with red bandanas, tied up the store clerk, emptied the display cases, and escaped with an undisclosed amount of jewelry.

Second, Ave Maria Town's South Park hosted a "Posh Pets" event for hundreds of dogs and their owners. A pet psychic was in attendance. Fun for the whole Catholic homeschooling family!

Fumed by Thales at 10:31 AM. |

Monday, October 13, 2008

Slow news day causes FUMARE Reader to fall asleep

(PULASKI). Our readers are no doubt familiar with that witty, eclectic mix of commentary otherwise known as FUMARE. Casimir received this note earlier in the mailbox:

Dear Casimir,

What is happening at FUMARE? Nothing for days, it's so slow. Don't they know I need something to do besides coffee to keep my Monday morning attention?

I am stuck in a very quiet office and I need something to make me chuckle or I will sleep. It's not the best form in the world, but I'm addicted to it as I am caffeine. Please use your clout to wake them up or I will be out by 12:30.

Very Truly Yours,

OK... Given the recent changes on the AMSoL Board, I thought perhaps, we should revisit the best group photos they've taken in the past"

Sort of a trail of left-behinds, isn't it?

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 8:57 PM. |

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Catholic, Staunchly Anti-Racist, and Support David Duke

It's a compelling argument put forward by William Donohue. I think I may have to vote the Duke ticket this November.

HT: American Papist

Fumed by Thales at 10:48 AM. |

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let the Fleecing (Re)commence

The Fed lowered interest rates earlier this week, which has the side-effect of making it far cheaper to hedge money on position margins. Who cares? you ask. The ban on short positions ended this week, too. That means the short sellers now have open season on our productive economy.

Before the Paulson joke, short sellers sat around in the finance, but they've been banned from further marauding there. Now, they can go plunder our productive companies, like GM, Agribusiness, manufacturing, and the rest. In other words, short sellers are now going to steal our ability to make real things.

It appears that GM is target number 1 to our hedge fund pirates. Opening this week, GM traded at $9 a share. Today, volume on GM shares traded over 60million (that's like three time normal volume), GM closed at $4.76. 50% in a week. The volume says more than the amount -- it says, "avast ye maties and prepare to be boarded by Captain Black."

There's even talk of selling the headquarters building (again). Who will kill the pirates before they steal our food? I hope you realize that's what's next -- they plundered the treasury, now they are robbing the cabinets, last stop is the pantry.

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 10:22 PM. |

Night Owl Alert! Fatima Secrets, Consecration, Russia

Speaking of Fr. Gruner, Fatima, the consecration of Russia, and the secrets, as we were earlier this week, the George Noory, Coast to Coast AM radio show will host Fr. Nicholas Gruner tonight.

In the court of:
Fr. Nicholas Gruner



the show description is as follows:

Nicholas Gruner -Fatima Secrets- fatima.org

Catholic priest, Fr. Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center will discuss his plans to petition Pope Benedict XVI to release the text of Sister Lucia's account of the Third Secret of Fatima.
ummm.... yeah. Like so many other things, that already happened.

Fr. Gruner's expectation of the conversion of Russia is for it to suddenly be transformed and it be spectacular, make world news, and be a big carnival show. I think that's a valid expectation if the messages were each in a vacuum, but it ignores the hint Our Lady gave at Fatima when she said, "in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph." The temporal clause "in the end" seems to be clear that the conversion would be something that takes time.

Nonetheless, because Fr. Gruner's expectation has not been met, he insists that the evil malintented PJPII and PBXVI as well as his erstwhile Ratzinger self, have intentionally hidden the entire text of the third secret. It's convenience at its finest because obviously the allegedly omitted portion of the third secret contains the parts that corroborate Fr. Gruner's assertions. The world it seems conspires against his expectations.

Nevertheless, I don't hide my awe at the very real changes that Russia has undergone and continues to make. It's not Soviet Russia anymore by any stretch.

Moreover, I think Fatima's completion is in the fasting, prayer, and repentance Our Lady asked of us. Our Lady didn't hinge on Russia's consecration, but rather on our conversions and penance as to whether her Immaculate Heart will triumph. The icing on the cake is that the consecration was done May 25 84.

So, take a nap and listen in to your favorite AM radio station tonight (if not, tune in on radiotime.com on your computer).

Coast to Coast AM

Last time Fr. Gruner was on the show, some folks called in and debated Fr. Gruner that the consecration occurred. It will be interesting to see what kinds of calls happen tonight.

After all, the purpose of Fatima was given by Our Lady as "You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart."

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 7:50 PM. |

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kate O'Beirne Is No Longer Listed as a Board of Governor Member

It looks like the AMSL administration reads Fumare! One day after I pointed out that Kate O'Beirne is still listed on the school website as a member of the Board of Governors, the website has been changed. On the website, Kate O'Beirne has been removed from the list of Board of Governors, while Mr. Richard Klaas has been added. Today, Dean Milhizer announced that Mr. Klaas has joined the Board of Governors. If Ms. O'Beirne has left the Board of Governors, can we expect an announcement from Dean Milhizer thanking Ms. O'Beirne for her service?

Fumed by Thales at 9:40 PM. |

We Need to Apologize to Musollini

I've read that I disappointed Boko, and I'm sorry for that, but I want to make a few things clear.

1. I can't stand it that the afro-marxist-kenyan-born-slickster (who got his start with GLBT Hollywood money, such as Dave Geffen) has actually been nominated.

I think all of us can agree with that. But that doesn't mean I need to like McCrony. I still remember what he did with the judicial nominees. I still remember what he did to taxes.

This past week we nationalized the toxic debts. Wall street even rumors that it might not take the bailout money. Thanks be to God. Even the crooks on Wall street are realizing, maybe, what the bailout really is.

Musollini wrote that the state and the banks and strongest corporations should together run the state. For years you've been told he was wrong, but here, we are in his footsteps. We should apologize to him.

None of it means I have to like McCrony or apologize for him. And it doesn't mean I like the afro-socialist, or his marxist back-up hillbilly who will step in if the Berg case kicks him out.

It's a sad time, and I think only God can straighten this mess out.

But, what will we get? McCrony will tell us how much he admires the accomplishments of the afro-marxist tonight. They call it a debate. McCrony thinks he gets ahead by acknowledging everything he likes about the marxist. It makes me sick.

And why does Ron Paul look like an anemic Ross Perot? Is that the best our country can do, really?

Do you really believe these are our best? The afro-marxist, the old man crony, and a sick looking kook murmuring some things that will grab attention. To his credit, at least the kook appears to be listening to his constituency. The crony is vying for the marxist's constituency and the marxist is busy hiding who he answers to.

I think the debate will be a mess. And I think the more McCrony plays nice tonight the worse his chances will get. It's sad, but it almost looks like he wants the marxist to win.

UPDATE: Do you all remember how they threw Eliot Spitzer under the bus? The New York AG who was taking out a bunch of the problematic companies we now see getting bailed out? Well, here's an article by him last February talking about how President Bush preempted state predatory lending laws in order to keep the mortgage machine churning out all them kick-backs. Sometime go back and look at the headline cases he had going after corruption in the corps... the list is eerily (not really) similar to the headlines of today in the bailout and failures.

But before any of you go off on Eliot Spitzer, ask yourself one question: Which is the worse crime: sleeping with a prostitute? or, stealing billions and billions from the public? I think I know which one I think is worse.

So, I only bring that up back I'm tired of everyone (like Hannibot or the O'Robot) exonerating the republicans of eing on the take from the mortgage till. Like I said before, it's a DC corruption thing, and perhaps McCrony is right when he says it is a bipartisan thing, because both sides made that mess.

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 8:09 PM. |

Announcement: New AMSOL Board of Governor Member

From: Milhizer, Eugene R
Sent: Tue 10/7/2008 3:55 PM
To: All Law System Distribution; All Alumni
Subject: Announcement

Dear Law School Community,

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Richard L. Klaas of Naples, Florida, has joined the Law School’s Board of Governors. Mr. Klaas is a distinguished business leader whose breadth of experience and detailed knowledge of the southwest Florida business community will be a great benefit to the Law School as it makes final preparations for its relocation to Naples.

Mr. Klaas is a partner in Klaas Capital Group, a company which was instrumental in the development of 10,000 acres surrounding Florida Gulf Coast University. Prior to founding Klaas Capital Group, he was the President of the Lely Development Corporation, a national real estate development company. In 1988, he was named one of southwest Florida’s “heavyweight” business leaders by Businessview Magazine.

Klaas has been active in a number of civic organizations, including the Economic Development Council of Collier County, the City of Naples Planning Advisory Board, and the 20th Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission. He has also been a member of the board of directors of several banks, including Harris Trust of Florida and Village Banc of Naples, which he founded in 1997. Mr. Klaas is a member of Leadership Florida, an organization of more than 800 community leaders from across the state.

Originally from Indiana, Mr. Klaas earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University. Following his graduation, he served as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve.


Acting Dean Eugene R. Milhizer

Fumed by Tommy More at 8:06 PM. |

Why an Obama Administration will Change the Culture

What happens when a child grows up in a household where race consciousness competes with communism and feminism for pride of place, and then the family divorces? What happens when the Culture War ends with the triumph of "Change" Culture and "Yes, We Can" Religion?

Well here is a little taste of what we can expect in a post-Judeo-Christian Obamatized America:

(Warning, there is a brief NSFW scene of a hippie chick dancing like a Pacific Islander)

Fumed by Columcille at 3:01 AM. |

Monday, October 06, 2008

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

You're smart. If you don't know latin, google it.

The wives planned ahead and already took care of them before this little financial crisis. Heck, even Budweiser figured it out and sold just in time.

The noble lie has been replaced with "sweetener" otherwise known as cashola. ...and everyone hushes it up.

Congress opens hearings on financial meltdown

Fumed by Casimir Pulaski at 8:11 PM. |

New Ave Maria Law School Prospectus Is Interesting

Recently, I received in the mail the 2009-2010 "Prospectus" for Ave Maria School of Law. The Prospectus is a glossy booklet containing glowing reports of AMSL's successes and colorful pictures of smiling students. But there are some interesting things to note:

1. Kate O'Beirne is not listed as member of the Board of Governors (though she is still listed on the AMSL website as of today). Does anyone know what happened to her? Has she resigned or been term-limited off the Board? Have I missed any announcements from the school about her leaving? (And if she is gone, who has taken her place on the super-secret, super-powerful Executive Committee?)

2. The "Dean's Message" on the first page is not by Dobranski (who is still currently Dean of AMSL and a prominent member of the Board of Governors), but by Milhizer who is titled "Acting Dean and Associate Professor of Law."

3. On the back cover, AMSL's mailing address in Ann Arbor is listed as "effective through July 31, 2009." Underneath the Ann Arbor mailing address, it says "Naples, Florida (effective August 1, 2009)."

4. On page 18, in the list of student organizations, there is a "Democratic Law Students Council." Must be a new group. I wonder what their position is regarding the upcoming election. Now I accept the possibility of being a pro-life Democrat working to advance the pro-life cause in the Democratic party, but if you're a faithful Catholic and a pro-life Democrat, I'm not sure that it's acceptable to endorse Obama for President this election.

5. On page 23, the Prospectus lists the different types of academic excellence scholarships available to students and the minimum criteria required for eligibility. For the St. Thomas More Full-Tuition Scholarship, students need a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.75 and an LSAT score of 157. For a $20K-25K scholarship, you need a minimum of a 3.50 GPA and a LSAT of 155. For a $10K-15K scholarship, you need a minimum of a 3.30 GPA and a LSAT of 153. A maximum of 20 scholarships of each kind are awarded annually.

You only need a 157 in order to get a full-tuition scholarship? That seems like a incredibly low score. Cooley seems to have comparable full-tuition scholarship but their LSAT level is a 163. Does anyone remember what the minimum LSAT score for a full-tuition scholarship was a few years ago during AMSL's glory years? Wasn't it higher than a 157?

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Why an Obama Administration Will Increase the Number of Abortions

Over at the Mirror of Justice blog, there is a post listing the reasons why an Obama administration will increase the number of abortions.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Potential "Sunshine Law" Trouble on Ave Maria Boards

The Naples News reports that some members of Monaghan's private Ave Maria Development executive committee are also on the public Ave Maria Stewardship Community designated to make decisions about Ave Maria Town. This may violate Florida's Government-In-The-Sunshine Law, which requires officials to discuss business and make decisions at public meetings. There is no violation, say the potentially-conflicted Ave Maria officials, because they have agreed to leave the room whenever public district matters arise in private meetings. Boy, that's reassuring.

AveWatch has the analysis on this story about conflicts of interests in Ave Maria entities. In other news, the sun rose in the East today.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky Pleased as U.S. Financial Base Nationalized

It's good to know that if you can scrape together $153 Billion dollars of "sweetener," you too can have your own U.S. Congress to play with as you wish.

Nonetheless, and despite my apparently ignorant understanding of what all the great elite minds in the media have conjured, we are more communist than China.

It's apparent that the underpinnings of Fatima's warning that unless Russia be consecrated soon (to 1917), the communist errors would spread throughout the world. Fortunately, John Paul II did get this done (1984), with Russia enacting a fierce protection of religious liberties in 1990 (that's 100 years after Leo XIII's 1888 vision of the devil receiving a century to tear it up).

The U.S. has destroyed marriage, now promotes homosexuality, forces indoctrination on our children that aren't killed in abortion or post-abortion neglect, and wants more (see Obama for that agenda). We truly have the state Marx hoped for in more ways than he could have hoped for -- Rosey O'Donell or Ellen Degeneres and their promotion is Q.E.D.

Yet, despite the way our news talks about them as if it is 1963, Russia is tightening all avenues of abortion it can without getting penalized by the I.M.F., has vehemently destroyed the vestiges of the lavender mafia within its ranks, and is working its central banking system off of the IMF/worldbank system.

I don't understand why we are now communist and Russia is perhaps the farthest from it it has ever been, as it has turned to private land ownership and done its best to not only get rid of nationalized ownership but even all vestiges of feudal times.

Well, I do understand it actually. Russia has turned back to God, just as Our Lady of Fatima promised. We need to do the same rapidly and forget the cold war crap and military activities on Russia's borders. We can't afford it if for any other reason. I don't know why we insist on provoking Russia unless it is to curry a favor an attempt a split interest within the SCO treaty org. A desperate attempt for the past... we know we aren't strong enough to take on China or even India, so we continue to demonize the littlest kid on that block, Russia.

The real problem. We have a representative government, but the bail out discussions prove that out government doesn't represent us anymore. Feinstein's office alone got 95,000 contacts about the bailout, and 85,000 were against it. She voted for it anyway. Similar number for other reps. Maybe it's not the bailout, but rather the oligarchical "representation" of our government that is really the end of U.S. dominance in the world.

While you shmucks have been duped into a debate over the CRA, the democrats, and republican problems, they still miss the mark that one of the real culprits is right here under it all. Yes, the CRA, and Barney Frank didn't help, but they don't really mean much more than a few hairs on the neck of the body really motivating the money policy. No wonder our so-called elected representatives could care less what we say about things.

In the end, it may well be Russia that bails our butts out of this mess because they are the ones who kicked the thieves out of their own country first.

Oh wait, salvation is coming from the neocon Republican Party. After all, they represent us, right?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

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Friday, October 03, 2008

What Did You Think of the Vice-Presidential Debate?

I thought that it was a hard-fought debate, with both Biden and Palin looking and sounding good. Biden didn't mess up, nor did Palin. While substantively on the issues, I think the debate was probably a draw, Palin's style and connection with the audience was better than Biden's. On the whole, I was pleasantly surprised to see Palin do so well considering the withering attacks she has suffered in the last few weeks.

I hope that Palin's performance can lay to rest the speculation that she should withdraw herself from the GOP ticket because she is inexperienced or young or whatever. I am flabbergasted that pundits who claim to have political expertise have floated this idea as a possibility to help McCain's campaign. I cannot think of a worse piece of advice. A Palin withdrawal would seal victory for Obama, while keeping Palin gives McCain a chance to win.

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Bowman vs. Kmiec

In my previous post, I missed the fact that Prof. Kmiec addressed Ave Maria School of Law alumnus Matt Bowman by name when responding to criticisms of Kmiec's support for Obama. Bowman had an earlier article on Obama and abortion in the American Spectator which Kmiec was responding to. Yesterday, Bowman had another article in the American Spectator, explaining again why an Obama presidency may increase abortions by 125,000 a year. Keep up the good work, Matt!

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

More Untruths From Kmiec on Obama and Crisis Pregnancy Centers and FOCA

Sorry, but I just can't help it. Must. Expose. Kmiec's. Lies.

If you remember, Kmiec claimed that the Democratic Party platform on abortion became more "pro-life" when it added an "explicit call for greater respect for prenatal assistance, paid maternity leave," and a better adoption system. Kmiec claims that this is an "Obama-inspired" change and is proof that Obama is "pro-life." Kmiec also often mentions how he and his wife have worked at crisis pregnancy centers. So you would think that Obama might support crisis pregnancy centers.

Not so. The question posed to Obama: "Does Sen. Obama support continuing federal funding for crisis pregnancy centers?" Obama's answer: "No."

Faced with this glaring evidence that Obama is not serious about assisting pre- and post-natal mothers and their babies, Kmiec responded in the following manner:
Continue funding? The counseling centers known to me and my very effective spouse have not had the benefit of such funding. Must be hard to get. Anyway, Senator Obama's signal of clear and strong support for women who choose to carry a pregnancy to term offers the kind of complementary assistance that will hardly impede crisis pregnancy centers. And that's the thing, you have to have the funding for pre and post natal care, income support and parenting skills before you can help anyone in the context of a crisis pregnancy center or otherwise. And as I see it, only Senator Obama has made this, well, "clear." All McCain-Palin have is platform rhetoric about finding "new ways to empower," which is really rather tired, old verbiage more likely to mean embarrassingly little.
Yes, that is possibly the most deliberate and disingenuous dodge of an issue that I have ever seen in my life.

When faced with Obama's support for the Freedom of Choice Act which would strike down regulations, increase funding, and entrench abortion, Kmiec had two responses:
1. That Kmiec thinks FOCA exceeds the power of Congress. (Why this is relevant to the question of whether Obama is serious about reducing the number of abortions is a mystery to me.)
2. That Kmiec doesn't think that FOCA mandates public funding for abortion or will invalidate state law restrictions on abortion. (Kmiec is lying here. There is no other explanation. His position is contradicted by the language of the statute, by the comments of sponsors of the statute, and by pro-life AND pro-choice organizations analyzing the statute.)

Kmiec is absolutely pathetic.

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What Dems Said About Fannie and Freddie

Here's a nice little walk down memory lane, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal online. To be sure, there are many causes of the current financial crisis, but it looks like the people who made the most mistakes and errors in judgment that lead to the crisis were Democrat politicians.

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Hope Has Two Beautiful Daughters

Obama's message is all about HOPE. In the below post, Archbishop Chaput quotes St. Augustine about Hope:
Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
This has me thinking about the Hope that Obama is selling.

We see his use of Hope in this quote:

"…Roe v. Wade is about more than a woman's right to choose; it's about equality. It's about whether our daughters are going to have the same opportunities as our sons. And so to truly honor that decision, we need to update the social contract so that women can free themselves, and their children, from violent relationships; so that a mom can stay home with a sick child without getting a pink slip; so that she can go to work knowing that there's affordable, quality childcare for her children; and so that the American dream is within reach for every family in this country. [The] anniversary [of Roe] reminds us that it's not enough to protect the gains of the past – we have to build a future that's filled with hope and possibility for all Americans."

Hope that we will always be able to kill our babies.
Hope that our daughters can become our sons.
Hope that we can destroy marriage and all rights of fathers.
Hope that the only time a woman stays at home is when she is sick.
Hope that all our children can be raised by State daycare.

Considering St. Augustine's thoughts on Hope, what happens when Hope is unmoored from the Good?

What is unleashed is an angry mob that will quite possibly overcome any vestige of moral restraint to make sure that "Change" happens and "Hope" is realized.

Notice the shouting of the crowd, "Yes We Can!, Yes, We Can!"

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chaput Interview - Check It Out

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Why Isn't Bankruptcy, Not Bailout, the Answer?

Now I don't have an advanced degree, but I like to think that I've got half a brain when it comes to economics. And I've been puzzled by this whole bailout, greatest-crisis-since-the-Great-Depression issue. The $700 billion bailout doesn't make sense to me: Why dump taxpayer money into Fannie and Freddie when they are flawed to begin with? Why are we trusting unintelligent DC politicians like Barney Frank to fix the problem when they partly caused it to begin with? Why does the frantic support for the bailout sound to me like the ranting of a doomsday prophet? Am I a fool for thinking that we'll survive even if the bailout doesn't happen?

So I was pleased to read this editorial from a real-life economist who explained the financial crisis in layman's terms and who confirmed all my gut feelings. The editorial states that a bailout is not the answer. Instead, the government should:
Eliminate those policies that generated the current mess. This means, at a general level, abandoning the goal of home ownership independent of ability to pay. This means, in particular, getting rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with policies like the Community Reinvestment Act that pressure banks into subprime lending.
Good idea.

It also seems to me that the financial crisis is partly a result of the self-centered, instant gratification mentality that pervades society, coupled with an attendent unwillingness to take responsiblity or even think about the long-term consequences of one's financial decisions. People need be fiscally responsible and stop making risky purchases on credit they can't pay back, and the government needs to stop facilitating this irresponsibility.

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Here Is A Cheery Video

Seeing children cheerfully singing with entertaining hand motions just warms the heart, doesn't it?

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